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Default Applications in Puppy Linux

Puppy Linux brings the entire Linux experience to any computer with one of the most comprehensive collections of essential applications available on any Linux distribution. Aside from its compact size, which lends itself to exceptional performance regardless of the hardware specifications, Puppy Linux is, for lack of a better term, complete!

By default, Puppy Linux includes a impressive list of programs capable of providing users with all their essential computer application needs. From common everyday on-line applications such as web browser, chat clients and email, to multimedia and personal applications such as media player, document writer, spreadsheet and personal planning programs. In its default state, Puppy Linux provides solutions for all users such as students, personal and even small business use. And while the collection of applications is quite impressive, for the distro’s size, Puppy Linux allows for the installation of more sophisticated and higher-end applications via its PETget package manager, which will be discussed in an upcoming article.

So, lets focus on the wonderful applications that are installed by default along with Puppy Linux.

A Complete Suite of Programs

Puppy Linux includes a complete suite of standard applications for use right out of the box. While they are basic, they still offer a wide range of use and functionality with surprising results.

  • Geany - A perfect replacement to MS Notepad, Geany is a full-featured text editor with extreme functionality. But unlike MS Notepad, Geany includes templates, the ability to save in multiple formats beyond TXT, format the body, insert comments and tags, create classes, compile code, and much more.
  • Abiword - Similar to MS Wordpad, but with advanced features found on MS Word. With Abiword, you can add tables, headers, footers, footnotes, endnotes, clip art, pictures, and much more. This little gem allows you to perform mail merges and add scripting codes. And with its comprehensive built-in tools, Abiword can be your complete word processor, whether you use it for personal or professional needs.
  • Gnumeric - For those who number crunch, or simply want an effective spreadsheet application, Gnumeric is the only program you need. Anyone proficient with MS Excel will feel right at home with Gnumeric, which shares virtually all the same functions.SeaMonkey - Don’t let the name fool you, this little browser is fast and powerful. Included with SeaMonkey is one very impressive list of plug-ins that allows you to view Quicktime and Flash animations by default without the nuisance of having to download and install the players or plug-ins, like other browsers do. Integrated with SeaMonkey is an email client and newsgroup reader.
  • Osmo - When timing and scheduling is everything, there is Osmo, a full-featured personal organizer that maintains a calendar, tasks and contacts.

Puppy Linux also includes a collection of multimedia apps, like mPaint, InkscapeLite, and Gxine.

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