Free Downloadable Linux Distros with Download Links

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The numerous number of Linux distributions (distros) are often confusing for beginners. More adventurous users are willing to try out new and different distros. However keeping track of all those distros is not an easy task. Here’s a list of several popular distros with their download links to help you.


The most popular Linux distro today with a focus on usability and easy installation!

Tiny Core

Tiny Core is an extremely small Linux desktop that due to its small size (10MB) is incapable of supporting all hardware and providing a complete desktop. However, it can be used as an ultra small desktop capable of booting from CD, pen drive etc.


openSUSE is another popular Linux distro sponsored by Novell.


Fedora is a popular Linux distro showcasing the latest in free and open source software.


Debian is one of the most known Linux distros that comes with thousands of packages.


Formerly known as Mandrake Linux, Mandriva is another popular Linux distro.

Linux Mint

Based on Ubuntu, Linux Mint focuses to provide an operating system with full functionality out of the box.


PCLinuxOS is a Live CD which you can also install to your local hard drive.


Slackware is one of the oldest Linux distro that is still in active development. It aims to provide a simple and stable Linux distro.

Gentoo Linux

Gentoo Linux can be optimized and customized automatically for any application or need.


Based on Red Hat Enterprise Linux, CentOS aims to provide a free enterprise class computing platform.

Arch Linux

Arch Linux is a simple, lightweight and flexible Linux distro.


KNOPPIX is the Linux distro that popularized the concept of Live CD.


Kubuntu is a Linux distro based on Ubuntu and the KDE.


Another popular distro based on Ubuntu.

Pardus Linux

A Linux distro developed in Turkey that is known to be very reliable and easy to use.

Red Hat (Enterprise) Linux

Red Hat Enterprise Linux is one of the oldest and most known Linux distros for desktop and servers.


gOS is an easy to use Linux distro that features a desktop full of widgets and personalized contents.


A very lightweight Linux distro (50 MB), suitable for situations like booting from a removable drive!


Zenwalk is a fast, user friendly and complete (full development/desktop/multimedia environment) Linux distribution.


Slax is a small and portable Linux distro based on Slackware. Though it’s small it contains a good collection of pre-installed software.


Puppy Linux is a small (93 MB) Live CD Linux distro.


SimplyMEPIS is a Linux distro pre-configured for simplicity and ease of use. It is a Live CD that can be installed to hard drive.


Dreamlinux is a Linux distro based on Debian GNU/Linux. It can be used as a Live CD or installed to a hard drive.


VectorLinux focuses on speed, performance, stability. It is based on the Slackware Linux distribution.


sidux is a Linux distro based on the most modern branch of Debian known as Sid.


PC/OS is a Linux distro with a user friendly and simplified interface and provides necessary components (like multimedia codecs) out of the box.


Elive is based on Debian GNU/Linux that uses the Enlightenment X window manager instead of KDE or Gnome.

CrunchBang Linux

It is based on Ubuntu and uses the lightweight Openbox window manager.

Frugalware Linux

Frugalware is a Slackware based Linux distro meant for intermediate users.

Absolute Linux

Absolute Linux is a modification of Slackware.

Linpus Linux

A powerful and easy-to-use Linux distribution based on Fedora.

Foresight Linux

Foresight Linux features an intuitive user interface and a collection of latest desktop software.

Yellow Dog Linux

It is built upon the RHEL/CentOS core and is the lading Linux for the power architecture.

64 Studio

64 Studio is a Linux distro based on Debian intended to be a single stop solutions of audio and video editing needs and primarily meant for 64 bit computers.

Wolvix GNU/Linux

Wolvix is based on Slackware and uses the Xfce desktop environment.

ALT Linux

ALT Linux is a set of Linux distros consisting of variants for desktop, servers and other needs.

Berry Linux

A Live CD Linux distro based on Fedora.


RIPLinux is a compact Linux distro meant to serve purpose as a system recovery disk.

Granular Linux

Granular is an user friendly and easy to use Linux distro based on PCLinuxOS.


A Live CD Linux distro based on Slackware.


A lightweight Linux distro based on Ubuntu.


A Live CD Linux distro based on Debian.


DARKSTAR is an easy to install and configure Linux distro targeted at beginners.


Based on Slackware and aimed at intermediate users.

Kiwi Linux

A live CD based on Ubuntu.


A Linux distro based on Gentoo.