Choosing a Linux Distro: What are the advantages of Red Hat Linux

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When you decide to make Linux your operating system one of the greatest things you encounter is the freedom of choice. There are hundreds of different flavors of Linux for you to choose from. Some are less well known, and others are highly specialized, while some are made for regular everyday use. Choosing a Linux Distribution can be a daunting task. As such to help you make that decision we are going to take a look at some of the advantages to choosing on of those popular distros, Red Hat Linux.

Open Source with User Support

One of the major problems that some users, especially businesses, have with using Linux is the lack of a formal support system. What this boils down to is that your CTO is not willing to wait for someone to post back on the forums to get an answer. Red Hat bridges that gap by offering subscriptions to their customers that allow them to get the support that is needed without having to rely on the kindness of strangers to get it. This support is matched to the traditional open source ideology that you can make changes to any part of the system at will. This mix allows business users to have the best of both worlds, flexibility and security.

Software Compatibility Issues Solved

Red Hat can help you to keep your fears about software compatibility problems in check. This is usually a big issue for users who are transitioning off of Windows and need to find not only a new operating system but a new Office Suite, a new web browser, a new email client and a new photo editor for their Linux. The ability to find what you need without any hassle or questioning is a good reason to choose Red Hat. No matter what version you choose in the end knowing what you get with each of your Linux version choices is one step further towards making a truly informed decision.

Enterprise Support

If you need Linux for business, Red Hat is a formidable OS solution. You can get enterprise level support that will make Red Hat easy to use, and more importantly, easy to integrate with your existing systems. Unlike other versions, where you are left alone with your manual to figure things out, Red Hat will allow you to get the systems that you already have up and running at maximum efficiency and without spending a lot of time waiting for answers on the forums.


Red Hat, as a company, have developed a wide range of partners in a plethora of business markets, to make using the system as a whole easier. The odds are good that you can find not only dealers but support in your area. Companies that do everything from compatible hardware and reselling, to training and software vendors, are available to you. They even have special partners who are there just to help you integrate Red Hat with your existing systems.

All in all Red Hat Linux has a lot of advantages that can help you to meet your business (or personal) needs. With the ability to integrate into your existing systems, user support that will keep you from feeling like you want to rip your own hair out, and an end to the traditional new setup compatibility issues, make this a stand out flavor. But this is just a very brief introduction to the positive side of installing Red Hat, of course there are many more advantages which we discuss here in the Bright Hub Linux channel.