Where are the Best Places To Get Linux Training? Linux for Beginners

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When you first dive into the world of Linux, things can be a little bit intimidating. In addition to having to learn a completely new operating system, you have a world of software that you have to become familiar with to be truly proficient as a Linux user. The resources are divided up into sections. First, you will find pieces that give you a general overview of three different popular types of Linux. Next, we will move onto more hands-on training that teaches you how to use Linux. Finally, we will look at the information that will help you to use the common software for Linux.

Training on Specific Flavors

As you no doubt already know, there are many different types of Linux. If you have already chosen your Linux distribution, then you will need to find the training for your specific flavor. Here are links to training for some of the most common varieties.

Red Hat

This is the official documentation for the Red Hat operating system. This site will give you all of the training options, from self study to in-person sessions that you can schedule with a trainer. You can also find forums on this site which can help you get answers to specific questions that you may have.


This site uses what is known as “Knowledge Base” to help you to find what you need. You can search for information using key terms. If you don’t find what you want, just hover over “Help Yourself” to get access to the forums and the documentation for the operating system.

Gentoo Forums

Sometimes the best help is other people. These forums include a wide range of topics that have already covered, and you can ask your own questions if you don’t find what you need.

It is worth noting that if you have a less documented version of Linux, or one that is not as popular, that you will most likely not find any formal training out there. If you need help, what you should do is go to the forums associated with the distribution. The odds are that you will find most of your questions answered already. If not, people in the Linux forums are usually more than happy to help.

Non-Flavored Linux Training

If your needs are a little bit more basic, and you just need some information on using Linux you can see the courses at the HP Learning Center. They offer expert taught classes with activities and quizzes that can help you to stay on target. If you enjoy more structured learning then this may be the site for you. Classes offered include:

» Linux 101: a beginner’s guide

» Linux 201: administering Linux for users

» Linux 301: introduction to Linux system administration

They will take you from a very basic user to having some understanding of what your Linux system admin is dealing with. Classes are not always offered at all times, but you can set up an email notification to let you know when the ones that you want are being offered. You should also know that if you are looking for professional development that you can show you boss/HR department at your next review that these come with printable certificates.

Common Linux Software Training

When you transition to Linux one of the more disorienting things is learning the new software that you will need to use the system the same way that you did the previous system. Here are training resources for some of the most common Linux software.

Open Office

This is your office suite. If you want to make documents, presentation or spreadsheets then you will need this program.

The Open Office Forums

A place to ask your questions and get answers. It is likely you will find that someone who has asked it before.

The Documentation Project

Here you can find all the program documentation and helpful templates.

Open Office Tutorials

Here you will find more formal lessons on Open Office; these are great if you are trying to teach more than one user. You will need to register.


Meet your new tabbed web browser.

Firefox Support

You may already be familiar with this, as it is available for both Windows and Mac, but if you are not here is the official help site.


An open source image editor that is easily the equal of Photoshop. Enjoy your detailed and multi-layered image editing.

Official GIMP Tutorials

Here you will find tutorials to get you going based on the official documentation.