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Owing to the wide use of Linux as the operating system in data centers and web servers, Linux administrators are well sought after. And Linux certifications are a good place to start for any aspiring system administrators. There are several Linux certifications and most of them are associated with some corporation such as the Red Hat Linux Certification Exams, Ubuntu Certified Professional, etc. While some corporate independent certification also exist such as the Linux Professional Institute Certification.

Just like any other certifications, getting a Linux certification is not an easy task. One needs to do a lot of hard work and training, especially if they are new to Linux. There are many online tutorials and training courses available which prepare you for these certification exams. But most of them are paid services and sometimes end up too costly for many aspirants. But there are quite a few good resources available which won’t make a hole in your pocket. Here are a few places where you can find free web resources to help you get your Linux certification.

IBM Developer Works

IBM Developer Works is a respected resource for IT professionals. It hosts a vast resource of tools, codes and tutorials on a wide range of topics. The Linux certification tutorials are just a fraction of its entire Linux knowledge base, covering every aspect of Linux which you can access here. Or you can directly access the certification tutorials here. The IBM Developer Works Linux certification guide focuses solely on the Linux Professional Institute (LPI) certifications and covers all three exams. Here’s a brief introduction of the contents you can expect there.

LPIC-1 exam prep

Exam 101 tutorials

Exam 102 tutorials

LPIC-2 exam prep

Exam 201 tutorials

Exam 202 tutorial

LPIC-3 exam prep

Exam 301 tutorials

IBM Developer Works can be safely termed as one of the best and most reliable source of free tutorials and is a solid guide for LPI certification.


uCertify offers tutorials, practice tests, quizzes, and notes, etc. on a wide range of certification exams from Microsoft to Sun Java to LPI. Although mainly paid content in nature it has a quite impressive amount of free contents as well. You can access the LPIC-1 tutorial page here and LPIC-2 tutorial page here. Apart from LPI certification, uCertify also features tutorials for CompTIA’s Linux+ certification exam which you can access here.


MC MCSE features free study guides for several popular certification exams. Its contents include free practice exams, study guides, training material etc. Regarding Linux certifications, it covers exams such as compTIA Linux+ (XK0-002), LPIC and Red Hat Certified Engineer. The website requires a registration but it is free.


Although not quite as in-depth in content, and even though it doesn’t sport a particularly intuitive interface, penguintutor has some basic to advanced tutorials for LPIC aspirants. They also sort their tutorials by difficulty levels of ability and there is a section explaining various details of the LPI certification process.

Linux Professional Institute

Although you won’t find any great tutorials here, is still important for any LPIC aspirants, for exam related information like objectives, tasks and sample questions etc.

GNU/Linux Administration Manuals

GNU/Linux Administration Manuals is the homepage of the lpi-manual project. The manual is prepared to make it suitable for preparing LPI certification aspirants. With a clean layout and solid coverage of Linux Administration, it is a handy resource and reference site.

Although it features quite an unimpressive interface and design, has a detailed LPIC2 Exam Prep Guide which can be termed as a great resource for any aspirant. It’s actually a book in HTML format.

Proprofs Forum is a forum which focuses on various certification programs including Linux certifications. You can also create quizzes and flashcards or view quizzes created by other users. It’s an active forum and a good place to share information regarding Linux certifications.

LPI Certification Self-Study Guide

This self study guide from is not yet complete and may be a little out-dated too, but it is worth a look for its ‘free’ price tag and some quality content.

VTC University

VTC University provides interactive training materials for computer software ranging from animation to programming. Although most of its contents are paid, the basic Linux training is freely accessible. It also provides a section of its Ubuntu Certification tutorials for free.

Learn Linux Project

Although not directly associated with any certification courses, this open source project that aims to develop free Linux training materials, can be of great help. The contents are designed to be viewed either in single page/multiple page HTML or in PDF format.