In This Article We Highlight Several Linux Security Tools

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So many tools, so little time

The list of Linux security tools is quite lengthy. If you do a search on Freshmeat you will see over 700 projects. Wading through that list and knowing what tools are really the best, would take you a lot of time. Fortunately in this series of articles, you will be introduced to the best of the best Linux security tools.

To GUI or not to GUI?

One of the first questions you have to ask, is if you need a GUI tool or a command line tool. The need could be dictated by a console-only server, which would only allow a text-based tool. Or what if you don’t have time to learn the entire syntax of iptables? That would preclude a GUI application. The good news is that there are outstanding applications on both sides of that fence to help you in your quest to have the most secure Linux box you can.

What you might find

In this series you will come across tools like:

  • iptables: The text-based tool that most Linux security tools is built upon. This is the most important piece of your Linux security tool kit.
  • fwbuilder: This is a GUI front-end for iptables. This tool will make building itpables chains simple.
  • ssh: Although not directly in charge of security, secure shell allows you to securely log into your machines.
  • gpg: This is an encryption tool that will allow you to lock files and directories up tight. Also only allow those with the key to enter.
  • Nessus: Simple to use Security auditing tool
  • Rootkit Hunter: Security monitoring tool.

There are a lot more tools than listed above. You will most likely over time come across plenty of Linux security articles here on Brighthub, that go well beyond the above listing.

Final thoughts

Linux security is critical when dealing with servers housing mission-critical data. In this series of articles you will be given all of the tools you need to keep your data locked tightly away from the prying eyes of nefarious users.

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