Linux Advice: Recommended Articles from the Bright Hub Linux Channel

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In last month’s list of Linux recommended articles, I focused on new additions to the channel that were written with the beginning Linux user in mind. This month, I would like to expand on that a bit and suggest a few titles for those still looking for advice on their Linux setup or have questions about specific Linux distributions.

Krusader – One of the Better File Browsers – If you’re just coming over to a Linux system from Windows, Krusader might look a little familiar to you. It’s very similar in both appearance and function to Windows Commander, yet it still has all the versatile options of other Linux utilities. For a more in-depth look at the file browser, check out this article by Berry van der Linden.

Great Linux GUI Tools for MySQL – One of the main reasons that people give for being concerned about switching to a Linux operating system is the fear that the new system will be too complex and not as easy to use as their current Windows setup. In actuality, more and more “friendly” applications are being developed for Linux on a daily basis, and a lot of these tools are free. In this article, Josef Nankivell covers several GUI tools that enhance the MySQL experience, making it easier than ever to work with the database server in Linux.

Samba vs. NFS – Which file server is best for networks that include Linux boxes? Like so many other questions, the answer to this one is, “It depends.” However, if you want to know what it depends on, take a look at this great comparison provided by Berry van der Linden, and see which option is more suitable for your network.

How are Linux and UNIX Related? – What’s the difference between UNIX and Linux? This is a question that continues to spark a lot of debate, even among the most experienced of users. In this series, Jesma goes over the history of both operating systems so you can make your own conclusions.

What is Ubuntu? – It’s hard to deny that Ubuntu is one of the driving forces in Linux’s recent popularity surge. What makes this distribution so much more popular than the rest? Yvette Davis gives an overview of Ubuntu in this article, and Apurba Debnath expands on the issue in An Introduction to Ubuntu. Both sources are an excellent introductory treatment on Ubuntu and its many variations.

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