Computer Power Supply Reviews and Troubleshooting: The Latest PSU Products, Help & Tutorials For Your PC Power Supply

The critical component that runs power to your computer is called the Power Supply Unit or PSU. This PSU is a hugely important part of your entire personal computer architecture, as it can seriously damage your computer build and other component stability, certainly if neglected. What is more the PSU is often taken for granted or overlooked when people consider buying, running or troubleshooting PC issues. In this topic we look at the history of the PSU, how it has developed and what the latest power supply units offer to the desktop and laptop user. We also provide expert advice and guidance for all your PSU problems and needs.

Test Your Knowledge and Name That Computer Cable

When you buy a new keyboard, do you know just by looking at it if it’ll connect to your computer? When you call the helpdesk do you know where to find the cables they’re asking about? Brush up on your computer skills by taking this computer cable quiz!

APC Smart UPS Default Username Password Settings

A basic UPS has nothing to configure. Just plug it in and plug in the devices to be protected. However, more complicated units offer options for handling different scenarios. For those with administrative consoles, there is a username and password, although it is often forgotten.

Motherboard Memory Compatability

Trying to figure out what type of RAM memory your computer takes? Basically, it all amounts to motherboard memory compatibility. This article covers the different ways you can identify the memory needed for your particular PC.

The Top Five Best PSU for 2010

Although many people use wattage as the only criterion to rate power supply units, there are other things to consider when connecting the juice to your power-hungry computer. Learn about the top five computer power supplies and their ratings.

What is the Best Computer Power Supply?

The power supply used in a computer is a critical piece of equipment. While it does not change performance, the power supply is important to system stability and to a system’s future upgrade options. This article considers three great power supplies.