Laptops and Mobile Computing: Reviews & Troubleshooting Tips For Laptop Computers

Laptop computers by definition are PC's which are small, mobile, and have the flexibility to be used from just about any location whether it be at home, in business or during transit. Coming in all shapes, sizes and specifications, Laptop PCs are rapidly changing the landscape of computer use and communications as a whole, such is their rapid advancement in design, features, storage, processor power and resilience. So much so that now you can pick up new or refurbished laptop or tablet for no great cost. One that combines multimedia, gaming, networking, communications and business applications in one compact unit. In this topic we look at the best in class laptop technologies across a number of categories. Reviewing laptop ranges which are the fastest, cheapest, most reliable, performance savvy and ruggedized.

HP EliteBook 8560p Review: The Ultimate Enterprise Desktop Replacement

Enterprise laptops are their own thing, but they’re also as broad a market as laptops targeted at consumers. Most people are familiar with the less expensive models, which are accessibly priced, but there are also high-end laptops like the EliteBook 8560p. Is it worth the extra cash?

Toshiba Satellite L735D Laptop Review

If you’ve been on the fence about purchasing a laptop computer for your elementary schooler, Toshiba has the answer – the L735D. It is a sturdy, easy-to-clean, tough laptop that can withstand rough treatment. And it looks cool, too!

Timbuk2 Review: Should You Buy a Timbuk2 Laptop Bag?

Timbuk2 is a popular San Francisco based company that makes messenger, camera, and laptop bags. They offer a wide variety of features and customization, and allow customers to design their own bag. However, are their products worth the high prices? Read this article to find out.

Cheap Laptops: Doing Well With a Tight Budget

When we talk about cheap laptops that can mean one of two things, either the laptop is a piece of junk not worth low price or that you’ve stumbled upon a bargain. All cheap laptops aren’t created equally and we’ve done the legwork to bring you the best options for the 2011 holiday season.

What to Look For in a Laptop

As we approach the holiday season, many consumers will start considering a new laptop for themselves or someone else. Maybe you’re one of them! In this visual guide to laptop shopping, we’ll have a look at what’s important in choosing a brand new laptop.

Google Chrome OS Review: The Failure of the Cloud

The new Chrome OS from Google promises to provide the functionality of a local operating system while putting less demand on system resources. In theory, this can be accomplished through the use of online apps and services. Does it really work, or is this cloud full of hot air?