Computer Hardware Support: Troubleshooting Tips, Tutorials & User Guides For Your Computer Hardware

The desktop or mobile computer environment is a complex mix of components and devices which combine to provide end users with a wealth of technological power and functionality. In this topic we support the novice, intermediate and expert end user by offering computer hardware support and guidance, user guides and help topics which will help troubleshoot hardware issues and diagnose errors with devices from such manufacturers as Dell, HP, Canon and Samsung. Providing a comprehensive hardware support resource for both home and business computer users we look at your support requirements, new technologies, compatibility issues and running costs so that you have optimum hardware performance, a working computer environment, and enhanced usability.

Fix Your Computer Like a Pro: Common Problems & Fixes

When your computer goes haywire, it can be tempting to call in the experts. However many common fixes can be take care of at home without spending a lot of money on technical assistance. Whether you’re wanting to learn how to fix a specific problem or you want a resource, help has arrived.

How Well Do You Know PC Hardware?

So you say you know what’s up with PC’s, huh? You know ’em inside and out, like a surgeon knows his organs, or like a mechanic knows his engines? That may be, but why don’t you put your knowledge to the test with this 25 question quiz on general PC hardware knowledge, smart guy!

Computer Hardware Quiz – Name That Component!

If you have your computer in pieces, or you’re simply browsing through a catalog of components, understanding what the various parts of a computer do will help you to recognize the importance of choosing the right parts.

Who’s The Most Evil? – A Quiz on Evil Tech Companies

It’s fairly common to hear people refer to Microsoft as a bit of an evil empire, but there’s plenty of bad acts to go around in the tech world. If you think that you know all the dirty little secrets of your favorite companies, it’s time to put your knowledge to the test.

Think You Know About PC Compatibility? Take the Quiz!

Just because it fits, doesn’t mean it will work – and just because it doesn’t fit, doesn’t mean there’s not an adapter. This quiz will help you judge your PC knowledge by pitting you against some nasty hardware compatibility questions.

Quiz: Test Your Computer Knowledge

Do you have the PC smarts to put a member of the Geek Squad to shame? See how well you do with these fifteen questions that every computer nerd should know.

Best File Recovery Utility – Flash Drives

There’re many uses of Flash drives, from data storage to portable Desktop computing. Having files lost or deleted from the Flash drive can be very frustrating. But fortunately, you can recover them. This article lists the best Flash drive data recovery programs available now.