Computer Processing, Graphics & Memory: Troubleshooting Tips, Tutorials & Reviews Of CPU & Memory To Help You Get the Most From Your Computer

The fundamental component which drives your computer is processing power in the form of a Central Processing Unit (CPU). Working alongside the CPU is your graphics card and memory allocation, which allow you to run multimedia, applications, and provide a solid end user experience. In this topic we define the CPU, graphics processing and memory, look at the latest processors and memory products, and compare computer systems which house such products in terms of functionality and stability. Looking at the latest offerings (and battles) of Intel and AMD, and troubleshooting your CPU, graphics and memory issues, to enable you to run a stable system that has optimum speed and seamless graphics.

How Much Do You Know About Intel? Let’s Find Out!

If you think you are the expert on all things Intel, take this brain-churning, grey-matter sizzling quiz to test just how much you know about Intel Corporation and the long history that goes with this famous brand name.

The Ultimate Graphics Card Quiz: How Much Do You Know?

Graphics cards remain a critical component for PC gamers. They’re also among the most complex parts in a modern computer, rivaling the motherboard and the processor. Think you know everything about them? Let’s find out.

The Holiday Monitor Shopping Guide

The holidays are a great time to buy a new computer monitor for someone else or yourself. Already at low prices, further discounts will only make them more attractive as gifts. Let’s have a look at what you should consider when buying a new computer display.

Finding an External Analog Video Capture Card

If you’re looking for an external analog video capture card, you might find yourself overwhelmed with the options available in the computer peripheral market. This article will help you make a decision that won’t leave you sore when you leave the store!

AMD Fusion Review: Is Atom Dead?

AMD’s Fusion APUs have hit the market, combining a CPU and GPU into a single, low-power processor architecture. According to early AMD press material, this design offers “90% of mainstream performance” but draws much less power. Does Fusion deliver?

An In-Depth Zotac Motherboard Review

Zotac is one of the newer motherboard manufacturers, but they’ve quickly made a name for themselves by offering a variety of high-quality mobos including an excellent line for Mini-ITX systems. Let’s have a look at the best this company has to offer.

Finding the Best Notebook Video Card

There are many choices of notebook video cards, and it is hard to decide which ones are great. Most of them are just incremental upgrades from the previous generations. The best notebook video card is right in here, so come on in.

Intel x86 Microprocessors vs. ARM Microprocessors

Intel’s x86 microprocessors have been the basis of all consumer computers for the last three decades. However, new types of devices like smartphones and tablets are using a different technology called ARM. This article takes a look at the differences between these two technologies.