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Samsung 22" LCD SyncMaster Monitor, Model 2232BW

Samsung 22" LCD SyncMaster Monitor, Model 2232BW

Less than a year ago I had my eye on an HDTV; after searching endlessly for the best deal I could get for my money, I went with a Samsung model. Not only did the Samsung models catch my eye more than others, but they were set at a price that I was comfortable paying.

Since owning the Samsung HDTV though, I have noticed the Samsung brand more and more. About 3 months after buying the HDTV, I wanted a new monitor. I was sick of my 100 pound clunker that took up half the space on my desk, and tired of it’s horrendous looking screen.

I knew what I had to do. I had to replace old Yeller with a brand spanking new Samsung monitor. I headed to Best Buy with a mission in mind, and that mission was to spend less than $300 on a sweet sized Samsung monitor.

An hour after trying to make up my mind (I can be rather undecisive) I finally walked out of Best Buy $269 poorer, but in hand I had myself a sweet, sweet monitor. The Samsung 22" LCD SyncMaster Monitor, Model 2232BW.

You see, in the store I had choices, many choices, but seeing that I had been so impressed with Samsungs LCD HDTVs, I knew that their LCD monitors would impress me just as much. Plus this baby had features; features I could not refuse!

Not only that, this particular model looked just as fantastic when it came to clarity and colors, than the higher priced monitors on the shelf next to it.

Out of the Box

After lugging my dream monitor home with me, the task of unpacking it got my heart racing. I don’t know what it is about boxes, and new electronic toys that get me so excited, but they do.

The Samsung 22" LCD SyncMaster Monitor, Model 2232BW sat flat in the box surrounded with Styrofoam pieces, and recycled cardboard for protection. The screen itself had a thin piece of plastic covering it, which protected it from any scratches or bumps along the ride.

Inside the box, besides the 22 inch monitor, there was an installation CD, which you will need to install the monitors drivers. There is also a long power cord which obviously is used to plug in the monitor.

The monitor also came with two cables. One cable was a DVI cable, and the other was a standard VGA cable. Inside nestled below the Samsung Monitor, you will find the monitor’s base.

The Samsung SyncMaster’s adjustment buttons are located at the very bottom of the monitor’s frame.

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Ease of Set Up (4 out of 5)

I’m a plug and play type of person. I hate electronics or devices that require too much work. I like being able to plug my electronics in and immediately have the power up and work as it is intended to work. The Samsung 22" LCD SyncMaster Monitor, Model 2232BW does require a little bit of work, but it’s nothing that is time consuming at all.

The base of requires you to click it into place, and lock it in using the simple metal clasps that you will find at the very bottom. I really liked the base because it was simple to put together, and had that nice high gloss black finish to it. Best of all, the base was exactly like my HDTV’s base when it came to appearance.

After having the base all snapped into place, I then had to click the base into the monitor, which was actually a little difficult and required some muscle power. I had to have my boyfriend click it into place. The base made me a little nervous because even though it does the job well, it seemed a little flimsy and I wondered if it would hold up the monitor. Naturally it did, and once everything was clicked into place, I was able to plop the Samsung Monitor down onto my desk.

The base allowed me to swivel the monitor up and down from 0 to 18 degrees, but not side to side, which I thought was a little stupid. Being able to adjust the angle of the monitor was cool, but sort of weird considering most people would rather be able to move the screen from left to right. It would have been even sweeter if I could have adjusted the height.

Once that was all set up, I was ready to roll out the installation CD in order to install the appropriate drivers. Once the drivers were installed, I was ready to plug in the DVI cable into my computer, and the power cord into my surge protector.

(Do these steps in this order, if you unplug your old monitor, you won’t be able to see your screen in order to click through the commands while installing your driver).


The Samsung 22" LCD SyncMaster Monitor, Model 2232BW was a hot pick for a darn good deal. For $269, I wasn’t getting just a ‘monitor’; this LCD monitor looked more like an HDTV shrunken down to a 22" size.

The screen is a full 22 inches with a 1680x1050 resolution.

Yeah so?! What does that mean to the novice user?

It means clarity and picture sharpness so crisp, so clear, so lovely, that your eyes will sing a tune from ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’.

Besides this though; for me, it meant less strain on my eyes. I tend to suffer from eye fatigue, which in turn could cause major headaches at the end of the day. With the crystal clear bright screen of the Samsung SyncMaster Monitor I no longer had to squint or strain my eyes – everything is painted as pretty as a fine museum picture, and if my eyes could speak, they’d say, “Thank you.”

The monitor weighs in at just 11 pounds which makes it a lightweight compared to my old monitor. The light weight makes setting the monitor up a much easier job than say…an old school 50 pound desktop hog.

The SyncMaster 2232BW is also less than an inch deep, which basically means the monitor itself is slim and sleek, and will take up hardly any room on your desk.

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Any Issues?

As lovely as this all sounds, as crisp as the picture quality is on the Samsung 22" LCD SyncMaster Monitor, Model 2232BW I did encounter some issues that I cannot deny.

The first issue was the location of the power plugs in the back of the monitor. The plugs hang upside down in the back panel of the monitor. This made it extremely easy for them to pry loose when attempting to move the screen around.

The DVI cables stay in place because they can be screwed in place. The power cord, however, easily slips right out of the plug! Due to this issue, the up and down swiveling feature on the monitor is semi-useless, seeing that the plug will slip out if you attempt to move the monitor.

Another issue I encountered was blurring of text in just one spot on the monitor. I tweaked the monitors settings and was able to fix the blurring issue, however I had to really adjust the settings a lot in order to fix that blur in that one spot on the monitor.

The last and final thing that annoyed me about the Samsung SyncMaster is the fact that it has the Samsung SyncMaster 2232BW logo scribed right into the upper left hand side of the monitor’s frame. On the left side there are 2 more logos added to the frame of the monitor.

I like my things to look clean, and the added 3 logos just seemed like an overkill.

Logo Overkill

Logo Overkill

Overall (4 out of 5)

Although I was not entirely thrilled to the core when it came to my Samsung 22" LCD SyncMaster Monitor, Model 2232BW, I do in fact love the clean crisp picture quality that the monitor gives off. I also love the fact that this 22 inch monitor matches my 40" Samsung HDTV nearly to the tee when it comes to appearance.

The monitor overall looks as if I spent $200 more on it than I really did. The crisp bright colors, and picture impresses me every time I power it on.

With that aside though, the Samsung 22" LCD SyncMaster Monitor, Model 2232BW does have its quirks, but it works, and it works well. It is a gorgeous, sleek, modern monitor, that I would recommend to anyone on a budget yet looking to get a nice monitor, with a super sweet picture.