Gamer's Review of the SteelSeries 5H Headset

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SteelSeries Equipment (5 out of 5)

Just about every gamer out there today who is in any way serious about PC gaming has heard of SteelSeries. They are one of the top names in gaming equipment, and have some cutting edge stuff that every gamer covets. So, when I got the chance to review one of their headsets - the 5H V/2 gaming headset - how could I say no. I know their reputation, and myself and my gaming team use their equipment. Not only is their equipment priced reasonably, but it’s just awesome. But, you’re here to read the review of this headset, right? So, let’s get into it.

The Headset Itself (5 out of 5)


When I got the package, I couldn’t wait to open it. Here sat this gleaming, black monster of a headset, just beckoning me to put it on. After getting it out of the package, I was amazed to find that the cords that connect the headset to the computer aren’t just coated in that black rubber junk - they are coated with a braided nylon fabric that is less likely to get tangled and break. To me, this is awesome as I’m always rolling over the cords no matter how hard I try. Also, the cords have connections about two and a half feet from the headset itself so you can plug the set into your speakers or another short range socket and not have a massive amount of cord hanging around, getting tangled and getting in your way. To my knowledge, there aren’t any others like this out there and this is one awesome aspect.

The headset itself is extremely lightweight, even though it looks like it could easily weigh a ton. The headset has several areas where there are free-floating, adjustable joints so that this headset will easily fit anyone’s head comfortably. The padding on the top of the headset is awesome as well, and even after wearing these for hours at a time, I never got a headache nor did I get that sore feeling that you always have when you’ve worn those plain plastic headsets for too long.

Around the ears is no different, as the padding here is awesome as well. But, here is the big difference - the padding allows


the earpieces to fit around your entire ear, providing optimal sound quality and drowning out background noise.

Ok, this next one took my blonde self a bit to find - the microphone. This little guy is actually hidden up in the left earpiece itself. It pulls down and is adjustable so that you can easily fit it to sit comfortably in front of your mouth.

Overall, this headset deserves way higher than a 5, but it gets the top rating from me in overall quality, a 5 out of 5.

Sound Quality (5 out of 5)

What can I say here, I was blown away with the high quality of sound that surrounded my ears with this headset. No matter which game I played, the sounds were movie-quality and crystal clear. No pops, no cracks, no hissing in the background - just clear, gaming sound effects and music. The bass is awesome in this headset as well, so you can almost feel the hits and attacks in game, which make it an even better gaming experience overall.

Musical effects, (and music in general), sound beautiful through this headset. The balance in treble and bass is perfect and the clarity of the sound makes any listening experience even better. I prefer this headset to any other that I’ve used for gaming or just listening to music.

But, what about in other aspects of using your computer? How do these work for say, oh, voice chats out of game? Well, my friend, let me tell you - this headset delivers no matter what you use it for. I use it for voice chats through Skype and MSN heavily .communicating with other editors, writers, and family. I have never had a headset deliver voices so clear that you can imagine that person standing next to you. This headset is truly an awesome piece of equipment to have for any purpose. And, I never have a problem with others not hearing me through the mic, which is awesome as there are some pieces of equipment out there that might have good sound but bad mics.

Overall (5 out of 5)

This is one gaming headset that I would recommend to anyone - no matter how heavily you will use this. Between the quality of the headset itself and the sound quality that you get from it, there is no reason that even a very casual gamer won’t benefit from this top headset. If you want to purchase this headset from SteelSeries online, or if you would just like to find out more about it or any of the other awesome headsets that SteelSeries offers, you can visit their site here. This headset is one of the very best that I’ve ever used and even though it retails for $99.99, it is well worth the money for any gamer out there.