A Review of the Everex Impact- A Computer That Isn't Worth the Price!

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Everex Impact

3 years ago I purchased a cheap computer for my partner - he needed a machine that he could run his audio engineering program, Cubase, on.He was fresh out of college and ready to record and I was over eager to help him.I bought the first computer that I could afford without talking to him, without checking to see if the program and computer were compatible, and without first researching Windows Vista.

I bought him an Everex Impact for just over $300.It came with a keyboard, mouse, and the largest bubble screen monitor I’d seen in years.Seriously, was it 1998 or something?But it came complete and ready to use so I had a hard time complaining.Until he turned it on.Not only was the program incompatible, but the Windows Vista Home Basic that came preloaded on the machine was a joke.Sure, it had Windows Media Player, Internet Explorer, WordPad, and a Calculator, but that was just about all.I know that Vista has come a long way in the last 3 years but the bare bones operating system that this model Impact worked with is less than desirable.And to top it off, the edition of Cubase that my partner needed to run hated the Windows Vista operating system.The Impact was a $300 lump that quickly found its home on our porch.My partner bought an HP Pavilion Slimline, switched Vista for XP, and never looked back.

We recently purchased a 32 inch LCD TV from LG and, to our happiness; it came with an RBG input.My laptop and his desktop were getting full and we needed a place to dump our music and movies.We lugged the old Everex out from the porch, dusted it off, and plugged it in.It worked alright, and our files transferred seamlessly.

So was the Impact a success or a failure?It took 3 years for our Everex to find its home as a recycled media computer.It has been incorporated into our wireless network and we now use it exclusively to watch movies and listen to music.It took years for me to find a use for this hunk of plastic, and I would not recommend anyone purchase it.Although current Impact models come with updated LCD screens, this computer is only good as a bare bones, Internet only, and package and there are much better budget desktops and laptops to choose from.

If you are looking for the best desktop computer that won’t break your families budget, I strongly recommend the eMachines Et166 ET1161-01 Desktop.It comes with a 17" Widescreen LCD Monitor & Photo Printer.


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