Motherboard/Processor Combo - Why Bother?

Motherboard/Processor Combo - Why Bother?
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What is a Motherboard/Processor Combo?

A motherboard/processor combo, sometimes called a bundle, is a motherboard and a processor together for the same price. Usually they are offered along with the recommended compatible memory sticks, depending on the website. But why would someone go with a motherboard/processor combo? Is there any value in buying a bundle? Are bundles cheap products?

In this article, we’ll look at the reason for buying a bundle, pricing for bundles, and where a user can find affordable bundles online.

Why Purchase a Combo?

Like other ‘bundle’ deals that are presented from various companies on various items, the purchase of a board/CPU can save a user money. The cost of a motherboard alone can cost from $25 to upwards of $500; this is of course depending on what type of motherboard a user is looking for. When upgrading a system you want to try and buy something better and faster than what you previously had. For most motherboards - with faster processors and more capabilities - the price range can be around $250.

Processors can also be a wide range, again starting from a very low $25 to upwards of $1,000 or more. Again, depending on what a user is looking for, an average price range is probably between $100-$350.

For an average home user who needs to have the best components for either a new system or an upgraded one, these prices may start to break the bank for them. This is where the motherboard/processor bundle comes to play. While bundles can also be low in price - usually starting around $50 - and go upwards - to $1,000 - a bundle actually saves money for a user, especially if the features he or she is looking for are a part of these bundles. The average cost for a bundle is between $100 - $200.

For users who are strapped for money or those who are building their first computer or doing their first upgrade, a bundle can be a good way to go; most online sites will recommend the bundle purchase with a certain amount of memory that the board can use. Even with the purchase of one gigabyte (1GB) of RAM, a user’s total over all is probably going to be about $250-$350, depending on the combo and not including shipping and handling or combo rebates.

Where to Get Combos

Most motherboard/processor combos will be offered online by computer and computer parts resellers. Some of these include Tiger Direct, Newegg, and mWave. These sites will usually give a description of both the motherboard and the processor, as well user comments from those that brought the same bundle. Reading the users comments are a good way to discover which bundle will serve you and your computer needs.

Finding motherboard and processor combos locally may be tricky. Large retailers like Best Buy or Circuit City may not sell combinations of the board and the processor, however smaller computer stores may. If you would rather buy locally, check local computer and computer part resellers in your area and ask if they carry combos or if they take special discounts when customers buy motherboards and CPUs at the same time..

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