Motherboard Express - Company Overview

Motherboard Express - Company Overview
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When a user is in the market to buy or build a new computer, it is always a good idea to do some research beforehand. This means knowing what you have as a current system, as well as budgeting for anything that you may buy. Purchasing a whole computer or even just parts can be done locally or online from a variety of different companies.

A reseller company is a company that resells used or refurbished computers, usually at a lower price than what a new computer would cost. When buying from a reseller, there always needs to be background research, not only on the products that are being sold, but sometimes the company itself. This is not to say that all computer resellers are just trying to get a consumer’s money, but as with anything else within the buying world, the buyer should beware.

This article will look at the computer reselling company Motherboard Express, with a quick description of the company, a look at what their services are and how their clients view them.

Motherboard Express

Motherboard Express is a national direct order reseller of custom built computers based out of Wauconda, Illinois. The company started in 1995 as a mail order company that specialized in selling hard drives to their consumers and then finally offered to directly sell entire PCs and components upon the official name change to Motherboard Express. As of 2000, the company is now known as MBX Systems and specializes in corporate computer development, such as custom built servers.

The company has twice been named “Best Place to Buy Motherboards” by the Computer Shopper publication.


Viewing the main website currently, it does not look as though Motherboard Express is offering home solutions for personal use as it once did in the early parts of the 2000s. As noted, it looks as though the company now specializes in corporate and large business solutions, such as servers.


Because it looks as though the company has gone through a major design, customer reviews are a bit dated and the only current data are the testimonials from the website in regards to their business clients. Overall, when the company was doing direct sells, the reviews were mixed. Some customers were quite happy with the equipment and components that they purchased from the company, while another portion were distraught at the items they received. The big compliant seem to be with faulty components - mostly the motherboards - and then trying to deal with the customer service representatives to either get replacements or refunds.

Again, because of the change of company structure, it is hard to tell if any of the companies that have utilized Motherboard Express had bad experiences or how they were treated by the company. Currently, there are snippets of rave testimonials on the main site as the page changes, as well as three success stories from MBX partners Bascom, jetNexus and MailFoundry.

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