Cheap Satellite Internet: The Minimum You Realistically Have to Pay

Cheap Satellite Internet: The Minimum You Realistically Have to Pay
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An Intro to Satellite Internet

There are many types of Internet currently available. The most popular by far are DSL and Cable, with traditional dial-up and advanced fiber-optic systems slotting in after that. There is nothing wrong with these methods of Internet connections - except for availability.

If you live in an urban area you will have no problems obtaining a normal broadband connection. Rural users, however, are not so lucky. They rarely have access to cable or fiber-optic Internet because the correct infrastructure does not exist. In other cases these options exist, but the high cost of laying down the infrastructure results in outrageous prices.

A viable alternative is Satellite Internet, which connections directly to orbiting satellites in order provide an Internet connection. But how much can you expect for this, and how do you obtain the best deal?

Satellite Internet Companies

The cost of a Satellite Internet connection will, of course, depend on your location. The good news is that because you have more choice because Satellite infrastructure isn’t physically tied to your location. Even people in urban areas usually have to pick between a few providers, but you can choose just about anyone.

Some of the most popular choices include HughesNet, WildBlue, Skyway, and Starband. All of these providers offer a variety of service plans. The least expensive service plans are usually $39.99, and you can’t realistically expect to spend much less than that. These low-end service plans are typically anemic in terms of speed, as well, with download speeds of around 1 Mbps. A moderately quick connection of between 3 and 6 Mbps could cost up to $100.

Getting The Best Deal

The monthly service costs of Satellite Internet are apparent upfront and are, generally speaking, not that flexible. Satellite Internet providers, unlike normal Internet service providers, don’t offer a wide numerous services. They do Satellite Internet - and that’s it. So you can’t expect to cut deals on bundles or packages because they don’t have any such things to offer. The flip side of that, though, is that satellite Internet services are usually a bit more upfront about what they charge. You don’t have to wade through a mass of confusing bundle deals that slightly modify your final price for no apparent reason.

In order to obtain the cheapest satellite Internet you should pay attention to the cost of equipment as well as the cost of the service. A satellite Internet service will, obviously, require a satellite. This can result in nasty installation charge when the service is set up, and some services may charge for dish rental or ask you if you’d like to buy the dish outright. Watch for these “hidden” charges, and remember that they’re often negotiable. The key to finding the cheapest Internet service is sometimes to simply ask for a discount. The worst they can do is say no.