How to Clear Bios Password Toshiba Laptop

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Clearing the BIOS Password on Toshiba Laptops: What is so difficult

The problem is a classic one. You or someone else has set a password, and you cannot remember, or have possibly never known what the password is. With the BIOS password on some Toshiba laptops, this can render the laptop useless. Why?

Toshiba laptops have a unique feature. It is possible to secure the laptop so that it will only boot up if the anti-theft password is entered. For a typical PC or laptop, this is not a problem. One justs clears the CMOS settings and any BIOS passwords are cleared. With Toshiba laptops, however, this is not possible. A special security chip is built into these laptops that saves the password even when the BIOS password is cleared. This presents a unique problem. How can it be reset if there are no obvious or well documented methods? Lets explore some options.

Clearing the BIOS Password on Toshiba Laptops: A Few Options

There are three main options when trying to reset the password on a Toshiba Laptop.

Before we get too far, are you sure you have tried every password you can think of? Perhaps you’ve used a password over and over again in the past, or maybe a friend or family member has one that they used. If you cannot find it, then here are your best options for resetting the BIOS password.

  1. Toshiba Repair Centers

Even if your laptop is out of warranty, it is possible to have the password cleared for the cost of only shipping. Toshiba’s support site has a page for finding out the status of your warranty, and for helping you find a repair center. Here is the link:

There they can take care of the problem for you.

  1. KeyDisk

At there are tools for resetting the password. The easiest is KeyDisk. You can find it at the bottom of The easiest way to aqcuire this utility is by downloading and burning a copy of the Ultimate Boot CD. Insert the disk into the CD-ROM drive and then run the KeyDisk utility. You will find it in the menu under “BIOS” and then “KEYDisk.” This utility will let you clear the password. If this does not work, then the last option may be useful to you.

The Most Advanced and Difficult option

  1. “Loopback” DB25 Key Unlocker

Last but not least, at there is a diagram for building a connector that will most likely clear the password for you. You will need a DB25 connector. You can find one at Mouser Electronics’ website (here is the Direct Link), Digikeys website (Direct Link) or you can probably buy one locally at an electronics components distributor. If you are not familiar with working with electronics and basic soldering skills, you should probably eliminate this option or have an electronics savvy friend help you.

Once you build the unlocker, it is plugged in to the parallel port on the laptop, and then the laptop is to be powered on. It will clear the password automatically.

Hopefully this article will help you to clear the bios password on your Toshiba laptop. Best wishes!