Mini Laptop vs Digital Notepad

Mini Laptop vs Digital Notepad
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The mini laptop and notepad both are used to make and maintain document files. However, there are differences in their technology, performance, and usage. A mini laptop is also known as a netbook by most people; it is another name for a mini laptop. It is sometimes difficult to answer which one is better. They help us to make permanent documents using their various features.

Here we discuss the differences between the mini laptop and a digital notepad to find the appropriate one for your work.

Difference in Working

Digital notepad technology is a little bit complex. It is like a common note pad, over which paper is placed to write on. The notepad senses your handwriting, and saves your documents in digital format. You can transfer these documents to your computer using the data cable provided withMini Laptop the notepad. A digital ink pen is used to write on the paper rather than an ink pen. With a good one, its sensing capability to recognize hand written letters is excellent; you don’t need to worry about its letter recognition system. You only need to buy a high quality notepad from a good company because the low cost may create a quality difference.

A mini laptop or netbook is similar to a common laptop except for its very small size. It is so small that you can balance it across your palm, yet can make documents easily. The process of creating documents and other files using a mini laptop is similar to using a laptop. Some extra features are also offered that reduce your time.

Difference in Battery Backup

A digital notepad uses ordinary AAA batteries that offer backup for up to 100 hours. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about losing your work because of its long battery backup. You can work wherever you want, and can make lots of documents after charging it fully. On the other hand, the battery backup of a mini laptop is not long. This creates a big difference between the mini laptop and the digital notepad. A mini laptop can work a maximum of up to 8 hours after a full charge.

Difference in Size


You can get digital notepads in different sizes. The size varies from 4”X6” to 9”x12”. You choose the size according to your requirements. The size of a mini laptop is comparatively small. Its LCD screen size varies from 6 to 10 inches along the diagonal, and the keypad is normally 5% to 20% smaller than a standard laptop keypad.

Difference in Weight

A notepad has another advantage due to its weight. Notepads are usually less than 1.5 pounds. Mini laptops are heavier, and their weight varies from 2 to 3 pounds or so. A digital notepad gets points for portability.

Difference in Cost

There is a big difference in mini laptop vs notepad prices. You can buy your desired notepad for $200 or less; however, the price of a mini laptop starts at $200. The mini laptop cost may vary from $200 to $1000; whereas the price of a digital notepad ranges between $50 to $200.

Accessories required

You don’t need any accessories for your mini laptop; you only need to install the software to make various documents. Besides, a notepad requires at least a digital ink pen and data cable. The digital notepad is useless without these accessories.


When it comes to performance, a mini laptop should be considered the winner. This is because a notepad allows little complexity while making different documents. You can make documents easily in a mini laptop; because you just open the software, and start typing. On the other hand, when you are creating documents using a digital notepad, you have to change the writing paper periodically. WIth mini laptops, you can save your work instantly with one click; whereas you have to transfer data from the digital notepad to your computer using a data cable to make your work saved permanently.


The digital notepad is best for graphical documents and a mini laptop is best for making online document files. Therefore, if you want to draw graphics or photos then you should choose a notepad; whereas, if you want to work online, the mini laptop is best for you.