Does Cooling the CPU in Laptops Make a Difference?

Does Cooling the CPU in Laptops Make a Difference?
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Laptop Cooling

Does CPU cooling make a difference in your laptop’s performance? You better believe it does. The main reason why even the newest model laptop computers don’t have the same processors as desktop computers is because of heat issues. Laptops are so compact in the way they cram all the components inside that they don’t leave much room for ventilation and heat dissipation. This means you must be careful not to block the air flow to and from your laptop. In this article, we’ll discuss some of the best methods for keeping your laptop computer cool.

Cooling Pads

Laptop cooling pads do work, but they work even better when you buy the right one that is made for your computer. What they do is provide an extra set of fans that blow or pull air away from the underside of your computer, and they can really make a difference with some model laptops.

When shopping for a laptop cooling pad, you need to pay attention to where the fans are located if you want the most effective pad. Look on the bottom of your laptop and see where it’s fans are, since sometimes they can be on the top or bottom or even in the middle. Then you can pick out a cooling pad based on fan location. The idea is to put the fans underneath where the laptop’s fans are located. Otherwise, you might get the wrong kind of cooling pad and just be blowing air against plastic and not getting as much use out of the device.

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Use Compressed Air

Every responsible computer owner should keep a can of compressed air at their desk. They are great for blasting away dust and other debris that clogs fans and disrupts the cooling process on your computer. Compressed air is especially helpful with laptops because you can’t easily open up a laptop case like you can a desktop computer. I recommend flipping your laptop upside down and using compressed air to clean out any fans you see underneath. Not only will then help them to run better, but it’ll also help keep them from wearing out too quickly and making noise.

Laptops and Pillows

Laptop Desk

It is not uncommon to see someone take a sofa pillow and put it in their lap, then place their laptop computer on top of the pillow. While this may be much more comfortable than putting the laptop on your legs, it is not good for the computer. The reason for this is that the thick cushion and fabric of the pillow will block airflow from the underside of the laptop. Not only will this make the laptop get hotter, but that could have a negative impact on your hardware’s stability as well as the lifecycle.

The ideal way to keep comfortable while using a laptop is to get a cushion with a hard surface on top. A variety of these are available in stores all over the country, with some actually being called laptop cushions while others might be called a lap desk or something similar. Whatever the name may be, the purpose is to provide a solid surface upon which the laptop may sit so that air can get in from underneath.

Now that you know the answer to the question, does cooling CPU in laptops make a difference, for more information, be sure to check out our article on the best laptop desks and cooling pads.

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