A List of the Current Tablet PC Laptops

A List of the Current Tablet PC Laptops
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Tablet PC Laptops

Are you looking for a tablet PC laptop? You’ve come to the right place. We can help. Below you will find a list of tablet PC laptops that are available today. These are the products to look at if you’re considering a tablet laptop. They are organized by brand.


ASUS only offers two tablets, and they are book netbooks.

  • Eee PC T91MT
  • Eee PC T101MT

Because both of these are from the Eee PC line they only offer Atom processors. These are not speed demons. However, they’re very small - the T91MT has a 8.9 inch display and the T101MT has a 10.1 inch display. They’re also priced around $500, making this pair among the least expensive tablets around.


Dell has a few tablets that are a part of the company’s business-oriented line of laptops. They don’t offer a consumer-oriented tablet yet.

  • XT2
  • XT2 XFR

Both of these laptops are 12.1 inch models that ship with Core 2 Duo ultra-low voltage processors. The XT2 is a normal business-oriented laptop, which means it has relatively high rigidity and is meant for frequent travel. The XT2 XFR, on the other hand, is a fully rugged laptop that is meant for use in environments where there is a high risk of damage occurring. The XT2 starts around $2000, while the XFR is around $3000.


This little-known laptop brand offers a wide variety of tablet products, most of which are oriented towards business users.

  • Fujitsu Lifebook Txxx
  • Fujitsu Lifebook Txxxx
  • Fujtisu Lifebook Pxxxx

The T series Lifebooks are 12.1 inch and 13.3 inch tablet PC laptops that are meant for business travelers. They offer Core 2 Duo or Core i3/5 processor. The P series Lifebooks are netbook tablets with 8.9 inch displays, however, they don’t have Atom processors. Instead they use Core 2 Duo low-voltage processors.


HP Touchsmart tm2

The HP currently offers a single tablet PC laptop, the TouchSmart tm2. This is a consumer oriented product that is meant to provide a high-quality experience at a relatively affordable price. The tm2 starts at about $800 when equipped with a low-voltage Core 2 Duo processor. Upgrades will easily run the price up over a grand, but that is still fairly low for a fully capable tablet PC laptop. The screen size is 12.1 inches.


Lenovo offers two tablets. Some are targeted towards consumers, while others are targeted towards business users.

  • Lenovo Ideapad S10-3t
  • Lenovo X Series tablet

The Ideapad S10-3t is a convertible netbook tablet with an Atom processor. It is inexpensive, but not quick.

The Lenovo X series tablets are part of the Thinkpad line. They are serious business tablet PC laptops that are built to survive harsh day-to-day usage by people who are constantly on the go. The X201 tablet is the only one currently available, and it comes standard with a 12.1" screen and a Core i5 processor. You’ll pay for the power and durability, however - this tablet is usually at least $1500.


Panasonic Toughbook Tablet

Panasonic makes a line of laptops called the Toughbook. These laptops are ultra-rugged products designed for people who use computers in an environment that would kill normally laptops quickly. They offer a number of products.

  • Toughbook C1
  • Toughbook 19
  • Toughbook H1 Field/Health
  • Toughbook U1

The Toughbook C1 and 19 are rugged laptops that are built in a fairly standard convertible tablet style. They’re much thicker and heavier than a normal laptop due to the extra rigidity of the chassis and the durability features included.

The Toughbook H1 Field/Health and U1 are speciality tablet PC laptops that are not convertible - they’re always a tablet. They’re meant for use in situations where a touch screen is the easiest way to input information.

All of these laptops are extremely expensive, generally running over $3000.