A Look at Hmonitor: Motherboard Monitor for Windows 7 – Computer Diagnostic and Monitoring Tool

A Look at Hmonitor: Motherboard Monitor for Windows 7 – Computer Diagnostic and Monitoring Tool
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Computers can develop critical problems without warning and because some of these issues can cause expensive to fix hardware failures, keeping an eye on the operating parameters of a computer’s hardware components (i.e. CPU temperature and fan speeds) can be invaluable.

In many instances users don’t know that their computer is operating outside of optimal or safe parameters until overheating and voltage issues cause the computer to display error messages, blue screens and generally start to behave abnormally. Using a good computer hardware monitor tool can help to resolve some nagging issues and spot new ones before they become a problem. One such tool is Hmonitor.

Hard Drive-CPU-GPU-Motherboard Monitoring

This motherboard monitor for Windows 7 is also compatible with Windows 95/98/Me/2000/XP/2003/Vista and Server 2008. The program monitors CPU and motherboard temperatures, voltage levels as well as the fan’s speed for a wide range of supported

boards. However, it is best that you doublecheck to see that Hmonitor is compatible with the board you wish to use it on before purchasing and installing Hmonitor.

In addition to being able to monitor the CPU’s heat and voltage levels, it can also monitor nVidia/ATI GPUs and S.M.A.R.T. hard drives as well. Hmonitor can be set to display an image, message or play a sound file if any preset parameter is exceeded. Just in case you are not there to respond to the alerts, the software can also perform certain tasks automatically, such as alert a system administrator, close an application that is believed to be causing the problem and log information on the problem.

Hmonitor can also invoke the “low power mode” that can reduce the PC’s temperature by up to 30 degrees. However, it is the user’s or administrator’s responsibility to set the different alert levels.

The program can be installed on a 30-day trial, after which you will need to spend at least $33 for the full version. How much you ultimately pay will depend on how many licenses you purchase and whether you are purchasing for personal or professional use. There are quantity discounts for the more licenses you purchase, with an all inclusive site license package costing just about $2,176 for commercial accounts.

Hardware Monitoring Software for High-end Users

Computer hardware monitoring tools can help to determine if the system’s performance can be pushed further, or if a component

Motherboard monitoring for Windows 7-hard drives-cpu-gpu

upgrade, such as installing a better cooling system is required. While some users will confidently use their computers without a thought that something may go wrong, advanced users, especially those who over-clock their systems, will have a vested interest in ensuring that they don’t overextend the performance of CPU and GPU when over-clocking. For these and similar applications Hmonitor is an ideal solution for general and advanced computer diagnostics and component monitoring.

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