Cost to Repair a Windows Laptop vs a Mac Laptop

Cost to Repair a Windows Laptop vs a Mac Laptop
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PC vs Mac

Certainly some people will remember the famous “I’m a Mac” commercials from Apple, which highlighted how much Mac computers could do everything that a PC could do, ultimately bridging the gap between Windows and Apple platforms. The debate for users of course rages on, about whether one is better than the other. Both have their strengths and both have their weaknesses.

For the new user thinking of buying one or the other, the thought of repair cost may not immediately pop into their heads, but it should. The repair of any computer can be an expensive hassle, depending on what the problem may be. This articles goes into standard repair cost for common issues.

Repair Pricing

It’s never a good day when something goes wrong on a computer. Whether the video card goes out, there’s a virus, or more, costs can be something relatively cheap to something very costly. The observations below are based on research from retail and repair stores, both national and local to the author, as well as user comments and experiences.

Please note that pricing listed can vary depending on where a user lives. The best thing is to call your local repair store for an estimate.

PC repair

I am a PC person and as a PC owner, I of course think that repairing a PC is much cheaper than that of a Mac. I’ve had to replace parts, as well as taking my computer in when something needed replacing that I couldn’t do. Laptops are a bit different than a desktop, as parts are smaller and sometimes may require a professional.

Looking at repair at the local level, pricing does vary. For instance, one repair place charges $75/hr for normal issues, like updating a laptop. Other places charge from $85 and up. At the local Best Buy, any hardware repair can range from $29.99 and up.

Mac repair

Mac repair cost was a bit harder to come by, especially from the elusive Apple Store. Apple computers are built differently from standard PCs, and most of their components can only be bought from an Apple retailer. By asking around, I got some answers on price, or at least some estimates. At least from the Apple store, screen replacements can be from $700 to $800, while hard drive replacement was about $1,000 and a logic board about $1,500.

This is of course from users who experienced issues and took their Macs to their Apple store. Again, these prices may vary depending on where you live. Online prices seemed to be cheaper, with LCD screen repair at about $199. At Best Buy, it seems their PC and Mac prices are the same, though you may want to call or walk in to see an actual estimate.


It seems likely that PCs are the cheapest to repair, but there are various things that make the arguments like arguing over apples and oranges.

There is good news, however, as it does seem like more and more stores are doing repairs for both PCs and Macs. Best Buy, in particular, is one of those chains that provide repair services for both PCs and Macs; therefore, they may be the more economical as far as pricing for someone with a Mac.

There are also a variety of online stores that offer repair. For Mac owners who may not have a local Apple store, this may be the ideal choice. There may be a considerable of time and money in not only locating one close to your city, but shipping one to a Mac certified specialist. The cost I’ve been told to do that is about as much as just buying a new Mac console.

Above all, whether you have a PC or a Mac, the key to getting your computer repaired is to do the research and select a repair shop you feel with give the time and service in repairing your computer.

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