Alltel USB Wireless Card Tutorial and Troubleshooting Guide

Alltel USB Wireless Card Tutorial and Troubleshooting Guide
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Activation and Installation

Before you can actually begin using your Alltel USB wireless card, it must be activated. Part of the activation process occurs when you establish an account with Alltel and purchase your wireless card. Depending on the brand of Alltel USB wireless card that you purchase, activation may vary slightly.

If software is included with your Alltel USB wireless card, insert it first. The software will guide you through the installation process. If no software is included, insert your Alltel USB wireless card into an available USB port. For best results, use a port directly connected to your computer instead of a USB hub.

Allow your operating system to recognize and automatically install the card. QuickLink Mobile software will also be installed. Once the installation process is complete, double click the QuickLink Mobile desktop icon to start the application. Select “Tools” and choose “Activation.” Type your MDN in the Phone Number field, your MIN in the IMSI(MIN) field and your SID. All the previous numbers are located with your Alltel USB wireless card paperwork.

Press “OK” and wait for your card to be activated. Once a message appears stating the activation was successful, press “OK” again. Your Alltel USB wireless card is now installed and activated.

Please note that if you purchase your Alltel USB wireless card in store, instead of online, your card may already be activated. If you try to connect to the Internet and receive an error about activation, complete the above activation process before trying to connect again.

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To connect to Alltel’s wireless network with your Alltel USB wireless card, open the QuickLink Mobile software. Press “Connect.” The software may take anywhere from thirty seconds to two minutes to connect.

If you cannot connect, check the available network and your signal bars. Ensure the listed network says either “Axcess Data (EVDO-1x)” or “Alltel Wireless Internet.” If you do not have any signal bars, try moving to a different location in your home or office. If you do not have at least one signal bar, you will not be able to connect.


Alltel USB wireless cards are subject to interference from other wireless devices and your environment. If you try to use your card in a home in a heavily wooded area, you may encounter interference, causing your connection to be intermittent. In areas such as these, try to use your card in a room with the clearest view of the sky. Also, outdoor use may be more successful. Removing other wireless devices from around your computer often resolves most interference issues.


As stated before, your Alltel USB wireless card may not work correctly if connected to a USB hub. Another problem many users encounter is the card creating a new network each time it is inserted. To prevent this problem, always insert your Alltel USB wireless card into the same USB port each time you use it. Most Alltel USB wireless cards also have different USB adapters to conveniently connect your card to any available USB port on your computer.

Other Common Errors

Other common errors you may encounter when troubleshooting Alltel USB wireless cards include suddenly disconnecting, inability to connect suddenly and problems connecting to begin with.

If you suddenly have problems with random disconnects or can’t connect, try uninstalling any recent software or system updates. Some software programs may interfere with the QuickLink software, especially firewall and network software. The problem may also lie with the QuickLink software itself. If you can connect, update your software and drivers through the QuickLink software. If you cannot connect, you will need to contact tech support or visit your local Alltel store for a firmware update on your device.

Some connection issues can be solved by simply disconnecting and reconnecting your Alltel USB wireless card. Disconnect the device properly by right clicking the “Safely Remove Hardware” icon in your desktop task bar. Select your Alltel USB wireless card and select “Remove.” Only remove the Alltel USB wireless card after you receive a message stating you can safely remove the device.

If you still have problems, restart your computer. Though it seems like a simple solution, restarting your computer will help reset your Alltel USB wireless card and solve many interference issues your software may be having with other applications.