How To Protect a Laptop Keyboard

How To Protect a Laptop Keyboard
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Protecting a Laptop Keyboard

Liquids can be a health hazard for laptop keyboards and can cause irreparable damage to your most valued possession. Although persistently advised to avoid keeping all forms of provisions and beverages at a close proximity to your laptop, some users have a habit of not paying any attention to such crucial information. Depending on the constituents of the proposed fluid a simple spill can become your worst nightmare as your system and keyboard will most likely not function or act like its former self. There are however certain solutions to protecting that cherished laptop keyboard from being exposed to liquid spills and having other substances fall on it… Buy a laptop keyboard cover (which is covered in the next section of the article).

We are all well aware of the fact that without a keyboard, a laptop is just a screen with lots of words on it. They keyboard allows computer users to type and move around on the screen. Therefore, the keyboard is an essential part of a good working laptop. To protect a laptop keyboard, the most important thing for computer users to do is, avoid the temptation of eating or drinking around a laptop (see precaution #2). Computer users can prevent liquid spills by ensuring their working space has no liquids that can spill over and on to the keyboard.

Advice: If a liquid spill occurs, immediately shutdown the laptop, unplug it and wipe off any visible spill from the keyboard as well as all other laptop components. Wait for the remaining liquid to dry. If the keyboard is damaged, bring it in for repair. A PC tech may be able to fix what was damaged. If not, another option would be find a compatible replacement (an external keyboard). The worst scenario would be needing to buy a new laptop with keyboard functions.

Here are a few precautions to help computer users understand the fundamental protection techniques of a laptop’s keyboard:

  1. Avoid placing too much pressure on the keyboard caps as they may get damaged or break after extensive abuse.
  2. Avoid placing liquids (like water or soda) and food near the keyboard as it may spill over or fall on to the laptop’s keyboard, which could permanently damage it.
  3. Avoid buying a laptop cover that is not capable of protecting the entire keyboard (i.e., all keys, touch pad and wrist area).

Advice: The most sensitive part of a laptop keyboard may be the touch pad, so again refrain from placing any unnecessary pressure on the laptop’s keyboard surface.

Tip: The best way to protect a laptop keyboard is to ensure no liquid spills, food, or dust gets in between the key caps. It is also a good idea for computer users to refrain from applying too much pressure on the key caps when they use it (for typing, gaming, navigating, and so on).

Laptop Keyboard Covers

Another efficient method would be to purchase a laptop skin or a laptop keyboard cover but keep in mind that the skin coincides with the laptop model. Available in several colors, a decent quality skin would cost you something in the range of $10-$30.

With an array of laptop keyboard covers available at almost every store, choosing the right one can be an overwhelming task. For those of you who are into functionality rather than personality, things become much simpler. All you have to do is simply ask for directions to the purposeful products aisle and you are all set to go.

We all know that when you are out sitting in a public place enjoying the fresh air and working at the same time, accidents happen but it is always better to be prepared for the inevitable. The Arctic Laptop Keyboard protector (available from launched by iSkin is one such product that is not only easy to use but is washable. Obstructing the pathway of spills crumbs and dirt particles, the iSkin’s Arctic Laptop keyboard Protector ensures the healthy progression of your laptop.

Alternatives: Laptop Keyboard Skin Protector Cover (also available from is one option, or the laptop/notebook covers offered by Protect ( is another option. Note: By comparison, Protect can do custom molded covers for a variety of keyboards.

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