News Apps for the iPad

News Apps for the iPad
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The iPad Is Great For Reading The News

My uncle recently got an iPad and when I set it up for him some of the first apps I installed were news apps. There are some fantastic news apps for the iPad, just like there are for the iPod Touch. Here are some of the best that really take advantage of the iPad format. The best thing? They are all free!

The News Apps

USA Today The USA Today app on the iPod Touch and iPhone is great, and the iPad version is fantastic. The sections from the smaller app have been condensed to four categories (News, Money, Life, and Travel). The app is beautiful and I use it daily.

SkyGrid is another news app I use regularly. SkyGrid pulls headlines and news stories from all across the Internet. Clicking a headline pulls up the real article within the app. I don’t know how it works, but it is great. When you open the app you are presented major headlines from all categories, and the bottom of the list has an iPad news choice. When you are finished with the major headlines you can go to various categories and see more category specific news.

Screen shot 2010-06-03 at 9.45.32 AM

xFeed is an RSS reader, however, I consider it more of a news app because if comes loaded with RSS feeds from all across the internet in all the news categories (tech, entertainment, news, etc.). You can add and delete feeds to your liking, also.

Local News by fwix Local News is an app that collects just what it says: local news. It determines your location and collects news headlines from local sources. As with SkyGrid I don’t know how it does it, but it works great. I regularly get headlines from local news stations, local newspapers, and even blogs that present local news. This app is a real time saver. I don’t have to visit a bunch of websites for my local news anymore. I just use this app.

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Yahoo! Entertainment

If you want the latest news in the entertainment world this is the app for you. Besides news it has a TV listing section and a video section. I don’t even use the listings or the videos. The news section is so great that it is still worth keeping on my iPad. Besides working great the layout is beautiful. When you open the app you are presented with a grid of squares that contain headlines or photographs that accompany a headline. You click the box you want and you are presented with the article.

With new apps being released on a daily basis this list is sure to grow with more news apps. Of course, these aren’t the only news apps available; there are tons in iTunes that you can download. Some of these are free, and others are not. These are just my favorites.

Do you have a favorite news app for your iPad? Post it below.