Making the Dell vs IBM Laptop Decision

Making the Dell vs IBM Laptop Decision
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Dell Laptop Computers

Considering Dell? Dell Inspiron laptops are intended for use for students, home users, and small business environments. For people looking for feature packed mobile computers without the rugged construction and security features of a business computer, Inspiron laptops are perfect. With prices starting just above the $300 mark (for the 11z model) and going up to the $1,500 range for the Dell Inspiron Studio XPS series, most people can find a laptop computer that fits their needs in the Inspiron lineup. The broad selection of the Inspiron product line balances features with value to make sure you get what you need on your budget.

Dell Laptops for Business include the Vostro and Latitude product lines. Small business users will discover that Dell’s Vostro line offers good security and connectivity features that are attractive to business at a good price. Vostro also offers additional battery life, robust support options, and rugged construction that make it a good choice over the consumer-grade Inspiron. Inc. magazine called Vostro a “Must Have” product; the power, quality and price of the product line demonstrates why. Vostro laptops start near the $400 mark for the low end 1014 series and work through the low $800s for the Vostro 1720 series.

Dell Latitude is entrenched in the enterprise world, known for its built-in security, administrative and networking features, tough construction and on-demand support. Latitude is one of the top choices of businesses when it comes to equipping a mobile workforce. Prices for Latitude start in the low $500 range for the E5400 model and approach $1,800 for the Latitude Z. The Latitude XT2 tablet PC starts close to $2,000.

Dell Laptops for Gamers come to the market as a result of Dell’s acquisition of the famous Alienware label.These computers, designed specifically for mobile gamers, offer the best in memory, graphics, and processors to outfit demanding gamers with the platforms they need to play and compete. The Alienware M11x platform starts with prices around the $800 level. The midrange M15x series begins with a price tag near $1,200. For those going for the ultimate in mobile gaming, the M17x series starts at around $1,800.

IBM Laptop Computers

IBM sold its PC division in a deal announced at the end of 2004. Because of this, if you are considering the Dell vs IBM laptop decision, your choices are limited. If you are in the market for a used IBM laptop, the best place to start is the IBM pre-owned notebook shop. This way you ca

n get from IBM a reconditioned laptop that has a high degree of reliability. Other options for finding IBM laptops are places like eBay and Amazon, where you can find a variety of IBM laptops in various conditions for sale.