ASUS vs Alienware: Help for Which Gaming Laptop to Choose?

ASUS vs Alienware: Help for Which Gaming Laptop to Choose?
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ASUS vs. Alienware: Gaming Laptops, Fight!

ASUS and Alienware are two of the most popular gaming laptop manufacturers. Alienware of course specializes in gaming computers, while ASUS sells gaming computers under the G label, with the most popular choices being the G51, G60 and G73. Anyone looking to buy a gaming laptop will probably end up looking at these two companies.

The question is - which should you actually spend your hard earned money on? This article takes a look at both ASUS and Alienware to determine which is most worthy of your cash.


When it comes to price, there is very little competition between ASUS and Alienware. ASUS beats Alienware in every instance, and sometimes by a wide margin.

For example, compare the Alienware M15x and the ASUS G51JX-X1. Both of these systems start at $1199, but the ASUS G51 massively outperforms the Alienware of the same price. The Alienware comes with a Core i3 processor, while the G51 comes with a Core i7. And while the basic Alienware comes with fairly anemic Geforce 240M graphics, the ASUS G51 comes with the much more powerful Geforce GTS 360M. The Alienware also has less RAM and a smaller hard drive.

Of course, it is possible to upgrade the Alienware so it is more competitive with the G51JX-X1 on performance. However, these upgrades are costly. An Alienware M15x equipped similarly to the ASUS G51JX-X1 will cost over $1800, or $600 more than the ASUS product.

Performance and Features

As is always the case with computers, the performance of a computer is largely dependent on the performance of its component parts. Consider the above comparison. The G51 would obviously outperform the Alienware M15x unless costly upgrades are purchased for the M15x, but that isn’t because Alienware is poor at engineering a computer. It is simply because Alienware charges more for hardware than ASUS.

One area where Alienware can boast of an advantage over ASUS is design. Alienware products have a unique look to them, and this is further enhanced by the AlienFX lighting system which can be adjusted by the user. Gamers will fall in love with the fierce looks of Alienware laptops. Although it may seem shallow to fall in love with a computer over its looks, you do have to use it every day. Why not pick something which looks good?


ASUS Gaming Laptop

Both ASUS and Alienware have had quality issues in the past. ASUS has had numerous users reporting that the G51 overheats too easily. Alienware, on the other hand, has some extremely poor customer reviews and is also part of Dell, which has a very average reputation for long-term reliability and customer service.

Although these issues may seem damning, the truth is that there is little better to recommend. Gaming laptops are somewhat fragile by nature. Packing expensive and powerful computer equipment into a small form factor is bound to result in high operating temperatures and long-term reliability problems. On the whole, both ASUS and Alienware laptops are as high of quality as you will find in any gaming laptop computer sold today.


So, in the battle of ASUS vs Alienware, who is the victor?

ASUS. The reason why ASUS is generally a better choice than Alienware simply comes down to price. Given that there is no real difference in performance, quality or long-term reliability between an ASUS and Alienware product it makes sense to choose the product which is less expensive. Buying an ASUS G series gaming laptop will save you a lot of money, money which can be spent on other things - like games!