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Motherboard Drivers Nvidia

Nvidia’s website is a good place to start if you are looking to update your board, get the latest firmware, or even contact Nvidia support. Check out the following resources, which should help you significantly in finding the motherboard drivers for your Nvidia product.

  • Nvidia homepage - Nvidia’s homepage is the starting point for finding out about any information regarding motherboard drivers, support, latest products, and even Nvidia tech events.
  • Nvidia download page - The download page features an easy to use product finder, allowing you to search for your specific Nvidia product, and navigate to the official product page. In order to find the actual download page for Nvidia motherboard drivers, you must select your product type, product series, product, operating system, and language from the Nvidia download page home screen. For motherboards, Nvidia brands the majority of their products types with the nForce name. Thus, you would want to select nForce from the first drop down menu to narrow the search to nForce motherboards. From there, you need to select details about your specific motherboard in order to find drivers that are compatible with it. Remember, Nvidia makes other products as well. For example, GeForce is Nvidia’s graphics card lineup.
  • Nvidia advanced drivers search - If you have an older model of motherboard, sometimes Nvidia moves the drivers to the archived downloads section. Alternatively, if you have a newer, more current model of motherboard, Nvidia may release beta drivers before official stable versions, in order for people to test them, to assure they work properly and are compatible with certain operating systems and software. If you cannot find your product using the Nvidia download page about, try using the Nvidia advanced drivers search.
  • Nvidia Verde drivers - In certain cases, you may need to update the drivers in a notebook PC that you purchased, if it has any Nvidia Verde technology. The easiest way to do this is to use the Nvidia Verde widget, which you can simply download and install on your computer. From there, you can use the widget to automatically detect Nvidia system components, and automatically find any available firmware updates.
  • Nvidia Software drivers - Because many Nvidia motherboards feature special features and unique gaming technologies, you may need to download a specific software driver in order for your Nvidia motherboard to use a certain feature. The Nvidia Softare drivers page features gaming and home entertainment drivers, content creation and design drivers, high performance computing drivers, and game developer tools.
  • Nvidia Cool Stuff - The Nvidia cool stuff page is a place to find Nvidia wallpapers, screensavers, graphics demos, and other Nvidia fan based software.
  • Nvidia Communities - Communities is Nvidia’s official forum page, where each product type is given its own unique forum, where you can chat with other motherboard owners about how to setup the motherboard, update the bios, and more.
  • Nvidia Support Page - The Nvidia support page is useful for reporting defective motherboards, contacting Nvidia regarding warranties, or contacting Nvidia regarding returns.
  • Nvidia Wiki - Nvidia’s official Wikipedia page.
  • SLI Zone - A place to learn about Nvidia motherboard capabilities, technologies, and get step by step tutorials.