Comparison of the MacBook vs. PC Laptop

Comparison of the MacBook vs. PC Laptop
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Operating System

The strongest thing to consider in a comparison of the MacBook vs. PC laptop is the operating system. Chances are good that you have not used Mac OS X that much. However, you probably do have some experience using Windows. So, the first thing to consider is do you want to switch to a new operating system? Mac OS X Snow Leopard and Windows 7 have more differences than similarities. Thus, you will need to learn how to use the MacBook. Is the learning curve steep? Not at all. The majority of people who get Macs tend to pick up on how to use OS X rather quickly. Mac OS X is a good operating system that offers simplicity above all.

If you have Windows, and like it a lot, you may want to stick with Windows- why change a good thing? For some, learning new software is more of a hassle than an enjoyable experience. Windows 7 is another good operating system. There are more games that are available for Windows, more programs, and other utilities.

Macs can get viruses. However, they do not get viruses near as often as Windows PCs. This is simply because more people use Windows PCs. Viruses are distributed and targeted at the majority. The way OS X is designed does make it a bit safer to use. But Macs can get viruses.

Macs have the ability to run the Windows operating system easily and conveniently, as well as the native OS X. With a Mac, you could have Snow Leopard and Windows 7. From that perspective, you would not have to decide which to get, as you can have both.

PCs have the ability to run Windows. They are not supposed to run Mac OS X, and attempting to install OS X on a PC is not nearly as simple as most people would like it to be. However, it can be done.

For the most part, Macs are simple to use. PCs are a bit more complex, and offer more options.



Mac computers are expensive. However, they are not as expensive as most people make them out to be. Slightly overpriced would be a better description. For this specific article, the comparison of MacBook vs. PC Laptop, we will use the MacBook as a comparison. An Apple MacBook retails for $999.00.

A Dell Inspiron laptop configured with near identical specs retails for approximately $775.00. That’s only 3/4 the price of the MacBook. So a PC can save you some cash.

Both the MacBook and Inspiron have received good overall customer reviews. However, if you were to ask the majority of people which laptop is better, or which one they would choose, they would probably say the MacBook. Most likely this is due to the MacBook’s styling and design. The MacBook is a bit nicer looking than the Dell Inspiron. I believe that’s a statement that most people would agree with. Apple MacBooks tend to last longer than Dell laptops. That’s a statement that many people would back up. The Dell is a far better bargain, and you get more for your money. This is a fact.


Unbiased - Now, it’s all up to you. The best advice is to go to an Apple store and check out the MacBooks. Alternatively, go to a Best Buy or other electronics store and check out the PCs. From there, just go with your gut instinct.

Biased - Get the MacBook if you can dig up the extra money. You will be happy with your purchase. You can run both Mac OS X and Windows with ease. The styling of the MacBook is artful and looks high-end. If the MacBook is still a bit beyond your price range, close the gap by getting a refurbished MacBook from They go for $850, have the same warranty as a new MacBook, and go through a very high quality refurbishment process. In most cases, the MacBook gets an entirely new outer casing, meaning that it looks brand new. It’s just some internal parts that are previously used.

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