HP vs Dell laptops

HP vs Dell laptops
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So many people buy Dell and HP laptops rather than other brands. The price is certainly one of the biggest reasons for that. It seems that other companies can’t compete with the price tag of Dell and HP laptops. By selling direct, Dell has been able to sell their computers at a relatively low price. They avoid selling through retailers and pass those savings to their customers. HP uses both methods to sell their laptops. Therefore their prices may be slightly higher than the same configurations of Dell.

Dell and HP are some of the best brands in the world when it comes to laptops. They provide a great value for what you spend to buy a computer. So it is difficult to determine the best laptop brand from these two. Making a decision based on the following criteria will help you to decide the best laptop that suits your needs.

Features and Performance

HP is the winner when we consider features and performance. The reason might be the fact that HP tries to produce entertainment-centric laptops with lots of features. But Dell laptops are lacking in many of these features. There’s no significant difference in performance of these two brands.


HP vs Dell Laptops

Dell laptops offer more options to choose from for specific models, and HP has more models of computers with their own set of options to choose from. When you are going to buy a Dell computer you can start with a $399 computer and bring it to over $1000 if you select more options. If you need a laptop to store all your songs and videos, then Dell might be a good option. Dell often offers such specials as a free 120GB upgrade or extra RAM, and is good for those who are looking for more storage.

Build and Hardware

There is a noticeable difference between Dell and HP laptops. It is their appearance. Dell laptops seem to have a standard look while HP have a glossy appearance. Therefore many people think that HP has more attractive laptops than Dell. Dell laptops tend to be larger in size and they also pay more attention to air flow. When it comes to components there is not much difference since they are built by contractors. Their motherboards are produced by Mitac, Foxconn, ECS, etc., and hard drives are produced by Seagate, Hitachi, Samsung, etc.

Customer service & Warranty

When buying a laptop one of a major consideration is the customer service and warranty. Dell is the winner in this case. Dell is very famous for their excellent customer service and warranty options. Their website is also very user friendly. HP also has a very good website but can’t compare with what Dell has. Dell offers accident coverage and this is well worth having. If you are a frequent traveler it is something that you must definitely consider.


Both Dell and HP have best laptops on the market. It’s difficult to take a good decision based on other factors. So if you are comfortable spending more to have a warranty option, consider a Dell laptop over HP, because of their excellent customer service.

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