Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Compressed Gas to Clean Your Computer

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Cleaning your computer regularly is a very good habit if you want to see it function for a longer lifespan. That’s also why many people use various methods to clean their PCs. Depending on the environment it has been placed, different types of dirt may gather inside the PC. Using compressed gas is one of a best ways to remove almost all types of dirt, of course every method has its own advantages and disadvantages and it’s the same for compressed gas. Therefore it may be of interest to you our reader to see what the advantages and disadvantages of using compressed gas to clean your computer actually are.

Why We Must Clean Our Computers

Computers are well known for attracting dust, smoke particles, and other types of dirt, even the thinnest coating of dust that has gathered gradually on circuit boards will raise the temperature of your components. Finally it may even cause the failure of those parts. Fan action is the main reason for this, so we have to take necessary steps to keep it clean.

Advantages of Using Compressed Gas to Clean a PC

The most important thing is the safety of components inside a PC. Many parts inside a computer are very expensive and even a simple mistake may be very costly to recover. Therefore we have to be very careful about how we are going to clean it. When using hard components like clothes it may cause tiny scratches on your motherboard and other very sensitive components. A simple scratch may sufficient for the complete failure of the motherboard. That’s why compressed gas is very advantageous because it won’t cause such problems.

Using compressed gas we can clean the computer perfectly, as an example if we use a piece of cotton for this job it can’t reach tiny spaces, sometimes it may even get dirty. We can then use compressed gas to clean the computer more quickly than any other methods, so it saves us time too.

Also, compressed gas can easily reach almost any part of a computer such as tiny holes that are filled with dust. It can literally clean hidden parts of floppy disks, optical drives, cooling fans, power supplies, etc. Also it can clean inside of sockets that are quite useful for proper functioning of various components like graphics cards, sound cards, etc. Using compressed gas we can remove tiny dust layers that cover motherboard and other components.

Disadvantages of Using Compressed Gas to Clean a Computer

There are several disadvantages of compressed gas as a cleaning item. Many compressors are susceptible to sustain a higher percentage of moisture. Therefore when this gas is used to clean the computer it may easily corrode. Sometimes there are oil particles inside the compressed air, so we have to be very careful when using such air to clean our component because it can lead to water build up on circuits that is dangerous for electronic equipment.

If you use compressed gas with a very high psi value (highly compressed gas) for cleaning purposes, circuits of your PC may get damaged. In this case you don’t want to allow use a high PSI as it can allow compressed gas to reach the surface vertically which can be harmful.

When using compressed gas dust may also spread everywhere. Use a mask if you have problems with bad air or dust, if you don’t you may breath in particles spread with the use of the canister.


Using compressed gas is the best and easiest way to clean your computer properly and quickly if you take the proper precautions, however in some circumstances it may not be the perfect option for every user and for every type of computer.

In any case you’ll want to investigate your hardware setup and make the final decision on your own.