Clock Gadgets for PCs: USB Clocks, Desktop Clocks, All Sorts of Computer Clocks

Clock Gadgets for PCs: USB Clocks, Desktop Clocks, All Sorts of Computer Clocks
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Clock Gadgets to Plug into a PC USB

Since you need a PC clock gadget anyway, why not find one that has other options as well? This gadget is a cup warmer and clock that plugs into your PC’s USB port. You can keep your coffee or tea nice and warm while keeping track of the time. But that’s not all folks! This little gadget is also a four-port USB hub. Available from China Vision for under ten bucks.

You can even clean the air around you while working on your PC and telling the time with the USB Air Purifier & Thermo Alarm Clock from USB Geek. Plug this bad boy into your USB port and you not only get the current time but also the month, date and day of the week; alarm clock; on-the-hour beep; thermometer; and air purifier that cleans the air in a 9 square meter area for just $32.

PC Clock USB Gadget

Another fun PC clock gadget is this USB 2.0 Designer Hub. Reminiscent of plastic building bricks or a combination lock, this gadget has many features besides the functional clock.The U-shaped top rotates at a 90-degree angle and it transfers data at up to 480Mbps. The clock has an alarm with calendar display, snooze and indoor thermometer. All this for just $15!

Desktop, Sidebar and Other PC Clock Gadgets

PC Clock Sidebar Gadget

The Windows Sidebar includes a standard clock gadget that resembles the one you might have stared at during high school social studies class. If this PC clock gives you flashbacks of pop quizzes, acne and questionable fashion choices, you might want to download a new one. This digital clock gadget for your Windows Sidebar can be changed from default red to orange, gold, blue or green. You can opt to display or turn off seconds, set an alarm and even select an alarm sound from Windows. Download this clock gadget free from Gadgets for Vista.

Other clock gadgets available at Gadgets for Vista include a 12-hour clock that displays a sun in the day and a moon at night; a 24 Clock gadget that resembles the timer used on the popular television series; a simple digital clock; and a Multiple Clocks gadget that allows you to select five different regions for which you can display the time.

PC Clock Google Desktop Gadget

If you are a Google Desktop user, there are several PC gadgets from which to choose. This Analog Clock looks like a cute, stylish wristwatch. Other Google Desktop PC gadgets you can download include a colorful digital clock that shows both the date and the time; the “Amy” analog clock with a virtual pinup girl; and an analog World Clock.

Clock Gadgets that Transition from PC to Your Life

The Thanko MP3 Clock DX looks like an old school, windup alarm clock but it is so much more. Rather than blasting you awake with a start

MP3 Clock Gadget

ling alarm, though, this gadget allows you to pick a sound from its extensive collection. Better yet, you can hook it up to your PC and download MP3’s onto it for a custom morning greeting.

This gadget is compatible with PC’s running XP or Vista. It connects to your computer via USB and runs on three AA batteries, which are not included. Go to Geek Stuff 4 U to purchase this clock, which currently sells for ¥ 3,850.00 - about $44 USD.

More Gadgets

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