Business and Tablet PC - Who is the Tablet PC Useful for?

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Tablet PCs

Tablet PCs are creating waves in the computer world as many consider tablets a versatile alternative to the standard notebook computers. It is a fact that the tablet PC has all the features of today’s notebook PCs, but with a lot more options. The tablet PC is obviously a great convenience for people who are constantly on the move.

A unique feature of tablet PCs is it allows users to perform pen computing tasks, a distinctive type of operation not routinely practiced previously. While regular computing tasks are also accessible from tablet PC interfaces, it is the pen computing tasks that make tablet PCs popular in the market. Though tablet PCs initially suffered sluggish sales, they have since become popular as they have multiple uses.

Uses of a Tablet PC

While the concept of pen-based computing was known earlier, applying it to business environment is innovative. It is worthwhile examining some of the business applications the tablet PCs can run. Persons regularly attending business meetings will find the note-taking capabilities of a tablet PC extremely useful. Tablet PCs eliminate the need for pen and paper in seminars and conferences. Business houses will find tablet PCs a natural replacement for laptops for the field sales force. When deciding between a laptop and a tablet, consider that the tablet does all that the laptop does, but also includes features ideally suited for people on the move. Among other business-related activities, tablet PCs allow users to email, sign, and store digital contracts.

A distinct advantage of the tablet PC is users can extract standardized forms from drop-down lists and dialog boxes for data entry. For instance, a vehicle insurance surveyor can straightaway fill out all the variable information in a claim form on the tablet PC.

Industries Using Tablet PCs

One of the first industries to start using tablet PCs was the healthcare industry. Small pockets of healthcare professionals like doctors and other administrative staff became tablet PC addicts as these devices positively enhanced their work efficiency. Tablet PCs are now being used widely in health clinics for maintaining electronic charts. This digital format makes the charts available on a wide network for easy viewing.

A tablet PC is a veritable boon for artists because artists will be now in a fit position to literally draw on the PC’s surface. The digital format of all sketches/drawings will lend itself for customization and digital manipulation by seasoned artists. Educators/trainers can write on the tablet PC and show to the class via projection screen, without distraction.

Design engineers and building contractors having a tablet PC will find it easy to communicate to clients through drawing the various plans rather than verbally translating inexplicable designs and sketches.

Future of Tablets

With the introduction of tablets like the HP Slate, Dell Streak, the RIM Playbook and the newly launched Xoom it is safe to say that tablet computers have made their way into the mainstream and have overtaken the entertainment based iPad. With all of the power of a standard netbook or notebook and a battery to match or exceed them these tablets can function in the boardroom or the rec room and be used to sign corporate contracts or watch the latest buzzworthy viral video.