How to Reset Laptop Battery: Getting More From Your Laptop Battery

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So, lately your laptop battery has been giving you a less than stellar performance. As a matter of fact, the battery life has been downright poor. You give it hours to charge, and you barely get ninety minutes of battery life from it. If your battery is less than two years old, then you may be able to do something about it. Something, that is, besides going to the electronics store and shelling out your hard earned cash to buy a brand new battery. That choice is to try and reset your battery. It may not be a silver bullet, but it can help you to extend your battery’s active life. There are two ways to reset your battery. Like many other things in this world there is an easy way to do this and a hard way to do this. We will begin with the easy way, which does not require a download, and then move on to the hard way.

The Easy Way

Before we begin look at your battery and the casing directly surrounding it. If you see an inset button labeled “Reset” (like the ASUS A6403KM), and you are sure it is for the battery only, then you can use the method with a reset. If not, then use the directions without a reset.

Without The Reset

If your laptop battery does not have a reset button, then follow these steps:

1. Turn off all of your power saver settings on your laptop. This includes your sleep mode and any auto shut offs.

2. Use your laptop, do whatever you have to do, and run the battery down. Ignore any low battery messages.

3. Your laptop is going to die, so be sure that if you are doing anything mission critical save your work.

4. Plug it in and let it get a full charge without turning it on. Not even once. Not even to check your email really quickly.

With The Reset

If you have a reset button then try these steps:

1. Interrupt the battery recharge from step four above after about 1 hour.

2. Hold your power and reset button simultaneously for about a minute, your lights should flash.

3. Turn off the device as normal and finish the charge.

The Hard Way

The hard way is to get and run a piece of power manager software that will manage your battery reset.This is intended for those who repair and restore laptop batteries, or at least folks that can open their laptop battery’s housing and identify and remove the “smart chip” inside.

Battery EEPROM Works 1.2

Please be aware that this software is designed to be run by a technician. If you are not one, then be very careful to follow the directions carefully.

Now your batteries performance should improve. Good luck.