Troubleshoot Linksys Wireless Router

Troubleshoot Linksys Wireless Router
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Troubleshoot the Linksys Wireless Router’s IP Address

If you are unable to connect any computers to the network wirelessly, connect at least one to the Linksys router with an Ethernet cord for troubleshooting purposes. Once you have a computer connected, try to connect to the Internet. If you cannot, make sure the Internet light is solid or flickering on the Linksys router. If there are no lights on the Linksys wireless router, the router does not have any power. Check the power cord to make sure it is plugged in correctly and securely. If it is and there are still no lights on the router, try another outlet or a different power supply.

If you are unable to connect to the Internet and both the Power and Internet lights are illuminated, troubleshoot the Linksys wireless router’s IP address. Click the Start button and click Run, or press Windows Key+R to open the Run command box. Type cmd into the Open field and press Enter. In the command prompt window, type ipconfig/all and press Enter. Make sure the router’s IP address starts with 192.168.1. If it does not, press and hold the router’s reset button for 45 seconds. Restart the router and check the IP address once more. It should now begin with 192.168.1.

Troubleshoot the Linksys Wireless Router Setup

If the Linksys router’s IP address is correct but you still cannot connect to the Internet, troubleshoot the problem by opening the command prompt window as previously instructed. Type in ping and press Enter. If the Linksys wireless router requests a time out, it is likely that a firewall is preventing the router from connecting to the network. For help with your firewall settings, read the Bright Hub articles Turn Off Windows Firewall with Regedit and How to Enable Outbound Filtering in Windows Firewall. If it does the Linksys wireless router responds, try connecting the computer directly to the modem without the router. If you still cannot connect to the Internet, contact your Internet service provider.

If you are able to connect to the Internet when you connect the computer directly to the modem, try these troubleshooting steps. Shut down the computer, the modem and the Linksys wireless router. Connect the router to the computer with the Ethernet cable. Plug in the modem and allow it to power up. When all of the modem lights are illuminated and no longer blinking, plug in the Linksys wireless router’s power supply and allow it to power up as well. Turn on the computer and open a web browser such as Internet Explorer or Firefox. Type into the address bar and press Enter. When the Linksys wireless router login screen appears, leave the User Name field blank and type admin into the password field, unless you have already created a different user name and password. If so, use these instead.

If the setup page opens, follow the steps to properly set up your Linksys wireless router and then set up the computers in your network. If the setup page does not open, connect the computer to the modem without the router. Go to the Linksys download page and check for updates. If you are still unable to connect after installing firmware updates, your Linksys wireless router is likely defective.

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