Top 5 Dell Mini Laptop Cases

Top 5 Dell Mini Laptop Cases
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CaseCrown Premium Double Memory Foam Laptop Case

This CaseCrown Premium Laptop Case comes with an extra pocket where you can put your laptop accessories including your Dell Mini laptop’s power adapter. Made of premium quality shock absorbing double memory foam, this case gives your laptop extra protection despite its light and thin form factor. Some great things about this case are the fact that it is water-resistant and has a zipper scratch-free exterior. ($21.21)

Wireless Central Dell Inspiron Mini 10 Laptop PC Black Leather Carrying Pouch Case


This leather carrying case from Wireless Center provides complete protection for your Dell Mini Laptop. You don’t have to worry about getting your laptop scratched by the zipper since this case has a non-scratch lining interior. It’s slim and has a magnet flap closure. It is made of high quality leather. Best of all, this carrying case is also water resistant. Fits the Dell Inspiron Mini 10 laptop. ($17.93)

PCMS Dell Inspiron Mini 10 Notebook Sleeve Case

Dell Inspiron Mini 10 Inch 10.1 Inch Notebook Sleeve Case and Car Charger

This is a nice notebook sleeve case made of durable and water resistant neoprene. It also has a smooth, non-scratch lining with an interior dual-pocket design. You can put your laptop in one pocket and your accessories to the other one. It also has a front packet where you can place your ac adapter/charge and your mouse as well. Best thing about this sleeve/case? - it comes with a 12v car charger and a young micro Live Green Wristband. ($29.99)

Dell Mini 10v Green Nylon Hard Shell Cube Carrying Case+Vangoddy

New Dell Mini 10v Green Nylon Hard Shell Cube Carrying Case + Vangoddy

For our lady tech friends out there using a Dell Mini 10 Laptop, here’s a nice case for you. This hard shell cube carrying case not only comes in a neon-green color but also has a Velcro strap for holding your mini laptop snugly to prevent it from falling out if you accidentally opened the case. With a hard shell case such as this, it is water resistant as well. This carrying case is light weight and protects your Dell Mini laptop from bumps, shocks and scratches. And yes, this case comes with a Vangoddy Wristband that says “Live, Laugh, Love”. ($19.85)

Licaso Genuine Premium Leather Laptop Case Mini-Notebook Bag Sleeve

Dell Inspiron Mini 9 Genuine Premium Leather Laptop Case Mini-notebook Bag Sleeve

For all of you with the Dell Mini 9, here’s a book style case especially designed by Licaso. It provides a perfect fit for protection for your Dell Mini 9 notebook and is made of genuine premium leather. It has a magnetic stud-zipper free design which gives you quick access to your Dell Mini 9. This bag also comes with five card holders that can hold your business cards, credit card and memory cards organized. ($32.99)