How to Connect a Wireless Netbook

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Connect your Netbook to Wireless Network at Home

If you have a Wi-Fi router installed in your home, you’re in luck since the moment you fire up your netbook, it will immediately search for available wireless network. After booting up, it will immediately connect you to your home internet network provided that you didn’t give it a password. If you did, well enter it now to connect your netbook to the online world. Most if not all netbooks are capable of recognizing available wireless network within its proximity. This goes without saying that it is done automatically without the need to set up anything.

If there are several networks available, your netbook will prompt you to choose the network that you want to connect to. If there is only one available network within proximity, you netbook’s OS will immediately connect you to that network.

Once your netbook’s OS did its job and successfully connected your netbook to a wireless network, congratulations you can now enjoy browsing the web and do your usual online activities.

Connecting your netbook to a public Wi-Fi Hotspot

If you will bring your netbook outside of the house and work somewhere in an area you’re best bet of connecting your netbook online is, of course, through a Wi-Fi Hotspot. Thankfully, there is now an abundance of Wi-Fi hotspot anywhere you go. Be it in coffee shops, restaurant and hotel lounges, airports, you name a public place, and I’m pretty sure there you’d find a Wi-Fi Hotspot somewhere. Wi-Fi access comes free in some areas while other charges you or asks you to purchase something before they will give you the pass code for their Wi-Fi network. Once you’re connected, there is no time limit as to how long you can stay connected.

Connecting your netbook to the Internet via Bluetooth Pairing

If your Internet connection at home is acting up and it’s too late to go out and look for a Wi-Fi area, your best bet for connecting your netbook wirelessly is through Bluetooth pairing. What this means is that you need to pair a mobile phone to your netbook. Your mobile phone will serve as your modem that will connect your netbook to the Internet. Just be sure that you’re mobile phone is 3G or EDGE ready to give you a faster connection. And of course you have to make sure that you mobile date provider allows Internet tethering.