HP Pavilion Laptop Problems - How Can I Fix a HP Pavilion Laptop?

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If you bought an HP laptop in the last few years, it is probably because it had the right mix of features at an affordable price. You thought that you were getting a great deal. You may have gotten one or, you may have gotten a lemon. It all depends. Several different Pavilion models have been experiencing [widespread problems](https:// http//www.brighthub.com/computing/hardware/articles/13536.aspx ). This piece will help you to figure out if the problems with your laptop are unique or part of the pandemic. Once that is done, we will talk a little about HP’s responses and how you can get help.

Power Issues (all models)

Many of the HP Pavilions are having issues with their [power supply](https:// http//www.brighthub.com/environment/green-computing/articles/9738.aspx ). This power supply issue stems from two places. The first problem occurs when your laptop will not acknowledge it’s power cord. The easiest way to recognize this is to plug in your laptop and look at your power icon. If after a few seconds you are still seeing the battery icon, then your card has not been recognized. (Note, before you contact HP you may want to try to unplug and replug).

The second variation of this issue is more insidious. Your cord is recognized, but the battery is not getting a charge. This one is a bit harder to recognize. If you are lucky, you will get a warning message. If you aren’t, you will find out when you plug in your laptop and the battery still dies for want of power.

No WiFi (6000 and 9000 series)

You just had wireless connectivity yesterday. You are in the same place and your network is running perfectly. If your iPod touch is getting Wifi but your Pavilion notebook is not, then you may have encountered a laptop that is failing to recognize its card. This problem is frustrating because it is random. Your wireless can work fine for 6 months or a year. Then suddenly one day everything will change.

HP’s Response

If you look at HP support forums you will notice a pattern. Once HP recognizes an issue, they will suggest a few home remedies for the user community, like updating your bios. The odds are that this remedy will do nothing to help. Once a sufficient number of users report it ineffectiveness, users will have to call in on a case-by-case basis.

How to Get Help?

What do you do with a problem that is not solved. You call HP of course! They give you a defective product and they should fix it. When you call in, they may try to blow you off. If you want to reduce those odds and get the help you deserve try this:

Step One: Explain your problem to the tech.

Step Two: Explain that you are aware that this is a systematic problem, and not only with your laptop.

Step Three: Wait for the spiel of the things you have to do.

Step Four: Either do them, or if you have done them already explain that you have.

Step Five: Do not allow them to disregard your issues. If need be, start over with a supervisor. If no supervision is available, call the corporate offices.