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The Major League of Netbook Vendors

Here are the top major brands that contributed greatly in the netbook market boom with two or more of netbooks released into the market.

Asus - We almost lost track of how many Eee PCs Asus has already launched and eventually released to the market. From the Eee PC 700 to the latest Eee PC Seashells - 1008HA and 1005HA - the number could be more than thirty already.

MSI – The first MSI netbook that became a hit was the Wind U100. Before that, there was the Wind U90, which never really made it to the U.S. market. MSI Wind also released variants of the Wind U100 with upcoming models such as the Wind U123, U120, U115, including some colorful variants and specialized models such as the Wind Valentine Edition.

Acer - Acer was never aggressive on producing multiple Aspire One netbooks. To date it has released three Aspire One - A110, A150, D150, and the upcoming AOD250 and A751H plus the Z5G.

Lenovo - Lenovo’s IdeaPad netbook recently created a buzz when it was reported the NVIDIA ION IdeaPad S12 is in the offing. Before this, there was the IdeaPad S9 and IdeaPad S10.

Dell - Dell has officially entered the netbook market with two models so far - the Inspiron Mini 9 and Inspiron Mini 10. It recently rebranded the Inspiron Mini 9 as Dell Vostro. There was also the Inspiron Mini 10v variant.

Samsung - Samsung has so far released three netbooks to the market. These are the N120, NC10, and NC20. A new Samsung netbook was also recently announced - the N310. The N310 departs from the usual Samsung netbook standards by way of its colorful bezel and ruggedized form factor ideal for schoolchildren.

Toshiba - Toshiba’s first netbook, the NB100 was not as successful as other netbook brands. However, this didn’t stop Toshiba from coming up with the recently announced 10" NB200 netbook.

HP - Although HP’s first netbook, the Mini Note 2133 was relatively more expensive than its competitors were, this didn’t stop HP fans from purchasing their favorite PC manufacturer’s netbook. The HP Mini Note 2133 became a big hit despite its limitations and users clamored for an upgrade. HP obliged and came out with the HP Mini 2140. Before that, there was also the HP Mini 1000 series with several of its variants including the HP Mini Viviene Tam Edition and the Mini 1000TU.

LG - LG’s X110 netbook was never really a big hit but it gathered enough fans and buyers to merit a follow-up, which was recently announced, the LG X120.

The Minor League Netbook Vendors

Aside from the major netbook manufacturers, other vendors also tried to enter the netbook market. While some successfully got the much needed sales, most are just short-term wonders that didn’t quite get enough traction. These netbook vendors include the likes of:

  • Gigabyte
  • LG
  • Sylvana
  • Packard Bell
  • NEC
  • Epson
  • CherryPal
  • Archos
  • Sharp
  • CTL
  • Elonex
  • Everex
  • OLPC
  • Jisus
  • Kohjinsha
  • Fujitsu
  • Dreambook

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