Learn How To Uninstall Google Desktop - 5 Ways

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Using Add or Remove Programs

1. Go to the Control Panel

2. Double click Add or Remove Programs

3. In the list of already installed programs, look for Google Desktop and then select it

4. Click the Remove button

The uninstallation process will begin. Follow the on-screen prompts screen to complete the removal process.

Uninstall Using the Start Menu

Use this method to remove Google Desktop version 5 or higher.

1. Open the Start menu

2. Select Programs

3. Find Google Desktop in the Programs list

4. Click on Uninstall Google Desktop.

When the uninstallation process begins, select Remove completely for all users, and click Yes. If you also want to delete your personal search index, then uncheck the Keep index and gadgets option, and when prompted, click Uninstall.

If you want to remove previous versions of Google Desktop Search, follow the above instructions. When prompted, clear the Keep my index option if you would want to remove your personal search index and click OK.

Using the Command Prompt

Removing Google Desktop from Command Prompt is another method. It is not simple but people who don’t get bored with the black color screen of the Command Prompt, and keyboard commands, can use thid method, if other method fails.

1. Create a new folder in C drive and name it RemoveGD.

2. Download Google Desktop program here. Save the file in the ‘RemoveGD’ folder’

3. Go to RUN, type in “cmd” (without quotes), and hit Enter

4. Go to RemoveGD folder by entering cd c:\RemoveGD

5. Now enter GoogleDesktopSetup.exe -uninstall to begin the uninstallation.

6. Once the program is removed, restart your PC.

Using a Different User Account

It is possible to uninstall Google Desktop from all user accounts. If you are unable to remove it using your account, try doing it from another user account on the computer.

1. Sign in using an existing account that has administrative rights, or create another user account on your computer if one does not exist

2. Install the latest version of Google Desktop (you can download it from here)

3. Once it is installed, restart your computer

4. Log into the same user account used in Step 1

5. Use the Add or Remove Programs method to uninstall Google Desktop from your computer

Over Installing

In this method, you will need install the latest version of Google Desktop before initiating the uninstallation process. Use this method of uninstallation if the ‘GoogleDesktopNetwork1.dll’ error message is shown. This isn’t a true way to uninstall Google Desktop but more of an upgrade method.

1. Go to the Google Desktop website to download the latest version of Google Desktop. Note: Do not remove the currently installed version of Google Desktop Search.

2. Install the latest version of Google Desktop over the previous one (this is called “over installing”)

3. Restart Windows

4. Uninstall Desktop from Add or Remove programs (as described above)