10 Notebook Computer Carry Cases - Notebook Accessory Buyers Guide

10 Notebook Computer Carry Cases - Notebook Accessory Buyers Guide
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Targus Messenger Notebook Case

This might look more like a messenger bag than a case, but in essence you are actually getting a durable bag/case that can protect your notebook from scratches and accidental bumps. The Targus Messenger Case was designed to fit most 15.4-inch notebooks. It features a padded compartment which serves a dual purpose - as an accessory holder and as added protection. It also has an extra zippered file section which can hold your files and magazines. You would have no problem carrying this case with your laptop inside since it has an easy-grip top handle and adjustable padded shoulder strap. ($23.98)

Miltigiant 20 Largest Multi Design NB Case

Miltigiant 20 Largest Multi Design Nb Case

If you have a 20-inch notebook, then you might want to consider getting the Miltigiant 20 Multi Design Notebook Case. It would fit your 20-inch notebook while protecting it fully at the same time. Its inner padding is made of high-density foam for full protection of your notebook. It has a lockable compartment and a front compartment for holding your cellphone, business cards, and other important items. For additional storage, this notebook case has an extendable CD compartment. And, for carrying purposes, the case has both a handle strap, a shoulder strap, and a fastening strap that you can use to mount the case on a trolley. ($49.90)

Kensington 62210 SaddleBag Pro Computer Carrying Case

Kensington 62210 SaddleBag Pro Computer Carrying Case

If you’re looking for a trendy and yet casual-looking carrying case for your notebook, this Kensington Saddle Pro Carrying Case might suit your taste. This is not your typical notebook carrying case. In fact, it doesn’t look like a notebook carrying case but rather like a sleek-looking shoulder bag. The Kensington Saddle Pro notebook carrying case features an expandable body for additional carrying capacity. It has two compartments and an extra Junk-it drawer where you can put your power cords, pens, and other accessories. This notebook carrying case would fit notebooks up to 15 inches in size. An added feature lets you convert the notebook carrying case into a backpack and a stretchable SnugFit notebook sleeve. ($67.73)

Case Logic VNC-17 17-inch Value Slimline Laptop Case

Case Logic VNC-17 17-inch Value Slimline Laptop Case

When it comes to carrying cases, bags, and pouches, Case Logic is among my favorite brands. Case Logic products are not only durable but affordable as well. The same is true for this Case Logic VNC-17 17-inch Value Slimline Laptop Case. It not only fits your 17-inch notebook but other notebook sizes as well, thanks to its adjustable internal compartment with moveable padded divider. This carrying case is also airport-friendly as it has a speed pocket where you can put your valuables before passing through airport x-ray security. It also has an interior sleeve where you can place your files, documents, magazines and other reading materials. ($29.55)

Toshiba Ballistic Nylon Carrying Case for 17" Notebooks

Toshiba Ballistic Nylon Carrying Case for 17 Notebooks

Roomy and lightweight are two words that best describe the Toshiba Ballistic Nylon Carrying Case. This notebook carrying case is designed for notebook owners with an active lifestyle. It can accommodate your other gadgets, files, books and accessories as well. Made from new materials, this notebook carrying case is said to be the lightest notebook case yet. In addition, this case also features a roller case strap on its back, a full main compartment and zippered accessory pockets where you can place your power adapter, cable, and other personal items. ($38.97)

Kensington 62348 Contour Roller Notebook Carrying Case


Here’s another notebook carrying case from Kensington, the 62348 Contour Roller Notebook Carrying Case. If your notebook and all your accessories are too heavy for you, this roller-equipped carrying case will lighten your load. It features a built-in, five-stage telescoping handle that you can adjust from 7 to 23.5 inches in height. The good thing is when you do need to carry this notebook carrying case, it has a weight distribution system that prevents it from causing fatigue to your shoulder. Its shoulder strap has a shock-absorbent feature that prevents the notebook from slipping off your shoulder when you are carrying it. In addition, this notebook carrying case is made of Denier Ballistic nylon. What’s so special about this material is the fact that it protects your notebook from abrasion, punctures, and tears. The Kensington 62348 will fit a notebook of up to 17-inches in size. ($58.99)

SwissGear Black Rolling Briefcase

SwissGear Black Rolling Notebook Case

If you want a rolling notebook carrying case but you don’t like the Kensington carrying case, the Swiss Gear Rolling Briefcase might actually appeal to you. It’s a simple briefcase-type of notebook carrying case that offers maximum durability. It has front organizer pockets with space for your other accessories, a padded computer sleeve that provides extra protection, and a locking handle system. But don’t worry, this handle may look solid and heavy but it is actually lightweight and was made from aluminum materials. It’s inner wheel also has corner protection that assures smooth rolling of the briefcase. For extra storage, Swiss Gear threw in some slash pockets for holding your other accessories. ($53.68)

Mobile Edge MEPFC6 Techstyle Portfolio Faux-Croc Notebook Case

Mobile Edge MEPFC6 Techstyle Portfolio Faux-Croc Notebook Case

You want a sleek and stylish carrying case for your notebook? The Mobile Edge MEPFC6 Techstyle Portfolio Faux-Croc Notebook Case is the one you’re probably looking for. This slim-line case can be slipped into your bag or can be carried alone using its shoulder strap. It gives your notebook much-needed protection with its compression-molded laptop form factor. This netbook carrying case also has a removable mesh pouch where you can put your cables and an interior sleeve for putting your files inside. ($40.04)

Brenthaven MetroLite II

Brenthaven MetroLite II - Notebook carrying case

The Brenthaven Metrolite II notebook carrying case sports a stylish look, is lightweight, and provides an ultimate protection system for 14-15.4-inch notebooks. It has multiple front pockets where you can put your other accessories, ergonomic handles and a padded removable shoulder strap that allows for easy and comfortable carrying of the notebook case with your notebooks and other gadgets inside. ($65.79)

Samsonite Unity ICT Formal Small Toploader

Samsonite Unity ICT Formal SMALL TOPLOADER

When I was compiling this list of the best notebook carrying cases, I was particularly on the look out for a Samsonite notebook carrying case. Samsonite is best known for their top-quality bags, portfolios and briefcases, so its surprising to know that they don’t have many cases for notebooks except for this one - Samsonite Unity ICT Formal Small Toploader. This notebook carrying case has an organized front pocket, a cellphone pocket, removable shoulder strap, padded laptop compartment, and top carry handles. Design-wise, it’s a simple, sleek, and professional looking case well suited for corporate road warriors.($34.99).