Complete Computer Liquid Cooling Resource - Everything You Ever Needed to Know about PC Water Cooling

Complete Computer Liquid Cooling Resource - Everything You Ever Needed to Know about PC Water Cooling
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Learn About Liquid Cooling

Liquid Cooling describes the method of using some kind of fluid in place of air to keep computer components cooled. This technology is by no means new, but has only recently been applied to electronics. You can learn more in my article about how liquid cooling technology is being used in computers. It will teach you about the major components of liquid cooling and how they work together to reduce the temperature of your computer. Have a question about PC liquid cooling? It is probably answered in my liquid cooling FAQ, which transitions into a complete series detailing every component of a liquid cooling system.

Another cooling technology very similar to traditional liquid cooling is oil submersion. This method involves submersing almost every component of a computer into what amounts to a tank of mineral oil. You can learn more about the fascinating technology of mineral oil submerged PCs here.

Liquid Cooling Made Easy


If you like the idea of owning our own liquid cooled desktop PC, but don’t want to invest the time and energy in learning how to do it yourself, you could always purchase a stock liquid cooled PC. These are commercially available PCs that come pre-assembled with a complete liquid cooling system ready to go. They are available from large and small companies alike.

Some people with a solid grasp on computer building and components may want to consider building their own liquid cooled PC using a water cooling system kit available from some of the biggest names in computer cooling. These complete liquid cooling kits come with everything you need to liquid cool your own desktop computer, as well as manuals and a warranty to give you peace of mind about the whole undertaking. This Thermaltake BigWater 735 review might also provide you with some good information on kits.

A Fun Do-It-Yourself Project


Assembling the components and installing a custom liquid cooling system in your own desktop computer is an extremely fun project to tackle on your own. There are few things more rewarding in life than seeing your hard work produce successful results - especially when those results mean you get more power out of your computer! It isn’t all that hard to do, so long as you understand what you’re looking for. The following are complete guides to each component of a liquid cooling system that will assist you in both learning all about them, and choosing the one that is right for you.


Of course, you’ll need just the right case to house your powerful computer along with a complete liquid cooling system. Those things take up quite a bit of room. Fortunately, there are some fantastic cases out there that serve this purpose perfectly.