Where to Buy a Liquid Cooled PC - Tips on Buying a Computer with Liquid Cooling

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Dell XPS 730x H2C

If you’re new to liquid cooled PCs it may be comforting to know that even one of the biggest names in computer retail offers a liquid cooling solution. The Dell XPS line of computers was designed with PC gaming in mind, and has evolved its supported technologies throughout the years. With liquid cooling becoming extremely popular, and almost verging on “mainstream”, it makes sense that the manufacturing giant would want to tap into this market.

The Dell XPS 730x H2C is truly a monster of a gaming machine. It supports the latest core i7 Extreme Intel processors and has built-in overclocking features. Customization options allow you to choose things like amount of memory, video card(s), and storage.

The liquid cooling system in the XPS 730x uses Dell’s proprietary H2C (H2Ceramic) which is a hybrid cooling technology using liquid and thermo-electrics. It is one of the most advanced cooling technologies available today.

Vengeance Ware No-Limits Custom PCs

On the complete opposite side of the fence we have Vengeance Ware custom PCs. The company specializes in creating completely custom machines for each and every customer. An expert works with the client to come up with the perfect solution for their needs. There are no limits to what can be done with a Vengeance Ware custom PC, including liquid cooling and oil submersion.

With this smaller company you get the satisfaction of knowing that your machine was hand assembled by someone who knows exactly what you want. In addition, each custom PC undergoes a rigorous 48 hour testing run, so you know that it will work the day you get it, and every day after that.

Hardcore Computers’ Oil Submerged Reactor

If you read my previous article on submerging PCs in mineral oil then you may be wondering just how to get your hands on a computer built this way. Since this is a relatively new idea to most people and companies, and admittedly a difficult one to execute, most computers like this are “home grown” and highly customized. Hardcore Computers however, has designed a very ambitious computer that uses the oil submersion technology built in: The Reactor. Components can be customized, to an extent, but the design of the machine limits that somewhat. The proof is in the numbers, however. Oil submersion PC cooling shows itself to be the best full-time cooling solution available.