Tired of Wires Dangling from Your Headphones – Go in for Top Wireless Headphones

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There are a wide variety of options available to consumers when it comes to lightweight ear buds to pair off with your portable MP3 players. However, choosing the best home-based wireless headphones is entirely a different undertaking. Functionality and performance are anchored on your audio source which could include a computer, an A/V receiver, a home theater system or a TV, rather than just an iPod that you carry around.

Nonetheless, it is a great thing to have a wireless headphone in your home as you are freed from the hassle of investing on and setting up extension cable to stretch across the room. Even on a short run, like sitting infront of a computer, you no longer have wires tethering your head to the desk. We have now a wide array of wireless headphones to choose from. This innovation allows you to put the base station at one end of the room while you enjoy the show at the opposite end, relaxing at your favorite spot, without disturbing anyone.

Top Models of wireless headphones

The Sennheiser RS130 and the Ear ForceX4 are the top models in this class and comes with full-size ear cups for enhanced comfort and sound isolation. They have features that include virtual surround modes to simulate the effects of a 5.1 home-theater system. So what good will these kinds of wireless headphones do to owners of a full-on surround system? Read on and find out why these innovative products are selling like hotcakes.

Sennheiser RS130

The Sennheiser RS130 is compact and very light. It weighs just 9.8 ounces making it tops in convenience and comfort, especially for a long evening of watching DVDs. These wireless headphones are classified as ‘Open-Air’ and come with a stylish station that operates a 900 MHz transmitter. This incorporates Sennheiser’s Intelligent Audio Tuning system, which automatically selects the best of three available base-to-headset channels. This system ensures the lowest possible distortion and noise.

It is powered by 2 rechargeable AAA nickel-metal-hydride batteries. Fully charged batteries can last for as long as 22 hours. This model comes with the SRS virtual-surround-sound-system technology of Sennheiser. The system is compatible with two-channel audio sources such as CDs and DVDs.

Ear ForceX4

The Ear force X4 has been in the market for quite some time already. It gained prominence over the later years as more consumers became aware of the high quality of this wireless product. The manufacturer then shifted to IR technology to achieve better sound quality and hiss-free performance over the conventional RF alternatives. The design of this wireless headphone is custom-fitted for the Xbox 360. The system also incorporates a removable microphone and connections for chatting on Xbox Live. With the Ear Force X4, you achieve convincing surround sound from nearly any home theater system as the model is equipped with built-in 5.1 channel Dolby Digital processing.

The base station of can be connected using a digital audio connection or an analog signal via a stereo RCA cable. The unit operates with both Dolby Digital and Dolby Pro Logic II processing. This enables this wireless headphone to handle both the bit stream surround sound tracks on DVD movies and Xbox games and do a decent job of creating a faux-surround effect from any stereo source. The transmitter base of the device features a line-in volume control which allows adjustment of the level of the incoming source. Lastly, the base station has a built-in “bypass” button that allows you to hear unprocessed audio.