A Review of the Top Laptop Bags for Men, Women, Teens, and Young Adults

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I went to a local ski resort in my neck of Vermont to research this article. It is the first week of ski season and the hills are alive with the athletic and the fashionable. The slopes buzzed with a cross section of rural Vermonters and city folks from New York, Boston, and Montreal. International skiers speckled the landscape and brought a flair all their own.

I sat snug in my big cozy chair with a steaming cup of cocoa and scanned the room. My eyes were looking for laptop bags. Men, women, teens. They all seemed to carry their electronic lives with them, and they kept them organized in style. I asked casual questions in the ladies room and took notice of labels and features. There was one similarity I noticed amongst the men that is worth sharing: Aaron Irving dominated the market. I saw at least 4 Aaron Irving laptop bags in my 8 hours at the resort. Men with brandies at business meetings had them at their feet like leather prizes. Snowboarders checked their email with Aaron Irving bags slung casually over their chairs. Those bags are hot.

When the day was done, I settled into my computer with another cup of cocoa to scout the internet for the designers, deals, and dead ringers. These bags are wonderful holiday gifts and range in price from $10-$200. You’ll notice that I’ve stuck with companies like L.L. Bean and CoolComputerBags.Com. It is important for me to recommend companies that I know, have used, and trust.

L.L. Bean offers full, no hassle, lifetime guarantees on all its L.L. Bean brand products. I have returned slippers, backpacks, bathrobes, and jeans and always received the highest customer service. While their prices may be a smidge higher, they make good quality products that last.

CoolComputerBags.com is a green oriented website that carries a plethora of computer bags for every shape and size laptop. Their shipping is never more than $5 in the continental United States. If you buy your computer bag from CoolComputerBags.com before the holidays you can take advantage of free shipping and free return shipping in the continental United States.

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