Don't Trash Your Old Computer Monitor, Recycle It

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Computer Monitor Recycling

Most people are not aware that they can safely dispose of computer monitors and other computer equipment. When you leave your monitors by the curb or haul them to a landfill, it can cause issues because there are materials inside the monitors that are considered as hazardous waste. The soil and ground water can absorb the waste, which poses a great danger to our environment.

There are several ways to dispose of your monitor safely.

  1. Start by checking with your local Chamber of Commerce, state agencies and on official state websites. Some areas have programs that will allow you to dispose of your monitor during a city-wide clean up week, but find out ahead of time if this is allowed.
  2. You can look online for companies that will allow monitor disposal or recycling. Some of these companies that offer these services are ones such as Apple, Epson, Gateway, Hewlett Packard, IBM and Lexmark. You may also check the telephone book for local businesses that offer these types of services. Be aware, however, that some of these businesses may only accept monitors in large quantities. Check with them to see if they will accept one or two monitors at a time before going to their location or paying shipping charges to dispose of your old equipment.
  3. Dell will allow you to either donate or recycle your old equipment. If you choose to donate, this helps disabled and economically challenged children and adults in the community. If you choose to recycle, Dell uses a method that is environmentally friendly to dispose of your old monitors and other computer equipment. Dell will accept any brand, make, or model of any type of old computer equipment. They are also happy to pick it up from your home, which is definently a great service and time saver.

Remember, it is important to dispose of all of your old computer equipment in a proper manner. Otherwise, it is a great danger to our Earth and every person that has to share it. Be good to your world so it can continue to be good to you.