Enjoy Movies, eBooks and More with the Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9

Enjoy Movies, eBooks and More with the Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9
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About the Galaxy Tab

The Samsung Galaxy Tab might look like its nemesis, the Apple iPad, but its Android-powered eco-system offers a superb user experience that many consumers favor. The newest Tab is the latest in a growing family that offers a variety of sizes that address the diverse wants and needs of almost everyone. Executives, workers, students and children from all walks of life can use the power and mobility of the Tab 8.9 to stay connected, entertained and productive throughout the day.

Features and Specs

Samsung boasts of the power and flexibility Android offers its tablet users. Multiple user home pages and TouchWiz drag-and-drop icons let users personalize the look of their Tab. Live panels and widgets make the Tab more accessible to even novice users. Here are just a few more things you should know about the Tab 8.9.


As one of the premier mobile tablet products in the world, Galaxy Tab 8.9 comes with a 6,100 mAh battery that provides hours of service on a single charge.


By finding middle ground between the 7-inch Tab and the new Tab 7.7, Samsung may have found the ideal size for consumers in the Tab 8.9. The new device fits easily in a purse, briefcase, or large pocket and still has enough screen real estate for entertainment and productivity. While the screen has ample room to work and play, the Tab 8.9 is just .86 millimeters thick and weighs only 447 grams. This makes it possible to carry the tab all day without tiring.

Touchscreen Display

A brilliant 8.9-inch touch screen display makes the Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 stand out from both its predecessor and its competitors. The WXGA-TFT technology offers brilliant colors and fast graphics to make movie-watching a thrill. The aspect ratio of the screen works well for viewing movies, showing the entire frame without any irritating black bars or crop marks. This 8.9-inch screen has the same number of pixels as the 10.1-inch Tab, so it produces brighter, crispier graphics despite its smaller real estate.

System Processor

A 1 GHz Tegra 2 processor from NVIDIA powers the Galaxy Tab 8.9. The dual core system on a chip provides the needed horsepower for advanced productivity and the graphics needed for entertainment. Tab 8.9 has 1 GB of RAM, giving it the ability to multitask while playing games, accessing maps and performing other important duties.


Galaxy Tab 8.9 has a front-facing 2 megapixel camera for video conferencing and a 3 MP rear-facing camera for taking photos and recording video.


Software that comes with the Galaxy Tab 8.9 makes it easy to use right out of the box. With access to Android Market and the Internet, however, users can add, change and upgrade their software as needed.

Operating System

The Galaxy Tab 8.9 comes equipped with the Android 3.1 Honeycomb operating system from Google. Samsung’s plans for updating Tab 8.9 to Android 4.0, Ice Cream Sandwich, remain unclear.

Social Hub

Samsung’s app that ties together all social networking accounts under on roof. This single app makes keeping up with the status of friends and family members an easy task.

Media Hub

Tab 8.9 users can rent movies, TV shows and other content from Samsung’s Media Hub.This instant entertainment feature means that Tab users will never go without a fun way to spend their time. What makes Media Hub nice is that it lets users begin viewing content using progressive download technology without waiting for files to download.

It also comes with the popular proprietary software that has made Tab so popular. For example the media, music and social hub apps give users easy access to the content they use the most.

The tablet also comes with the full version of Polaris Office, giving users the ability to create and edit documents using their device from the moment they unwrap it.

Samsung All Share

The Tab 8.9 uses the Samsung AllShare app to share music, videos and images with DLNA devices.

Polaris Office

A version of Polaris Office comes pre-installed on the Tab 8.9 so users can started working with common office documents right away.

Even as the world warms up to the Galaxy Tab, patent infringement actions brought by Apple against Samsung have cooled its prospects. Offering one of the most revolutionary tablets on the market does not guarantee success, especially in the eyes of archenemy Apple which has successfully blocked sales of the Galaxy Tab 10.1 in Europe and Australia. A recent court hearing in the United States suggests that the Tab 10.1 could receive a similar defeat. After a U.S. District Court found Samsung guilty of patent infringement. If the judge sides with Apple, Samsung could find itself behind the 8-ball in the tablet market if the judge bars the company from selling that product.

The different size of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 does not indicate immunity from legal action. Although Apple has not yet filed actions against the Tab 8.9, it could do so at any time. That company has already moved against the new Tab 7.7 in Germany, but it has made no move against the 8.9 to date.