15 Great Gifts Under $100 for Computer Users

15 Great Gifts Under $100 for Computer Users
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What do computer users think is cool? What might be the best gift that they don’t already have? Let’s start where most of them are lacking, security.

Fingerprint Scanning Devices

Computer geeks are often obsessed with computing power and screen resolution and will do anything to get the latest greatest processor on the market. They don’t often think about security so this is your chance to do it for them. Fingerprint scanners make the contents of a computer inaccessible in the same manner as password protection except you don’t have to memorize a long string of keystrokes to retrieve your own data.

The Best Headsets for Gaming

Gamers love to immerse themselves in their virtual worlds. What better way to do this than to create an audio experience that eliminates all outside sounds (and eliminates sound in the game getting outside to you too, if that is a pet peeve)? This guide examines the current top of the line gaming headsets and which ones are the best value.

Top External Hard Drives

A computer user can never have enough storage. Unfortunately adding a new hard drive to a laptop isn’t always feasible, but the next best thing is an external drive. Here we look at the best portable and stationary external drives to fit your storage and budgetary needs.

The Best AM3 Motherboards: Choosing Your Phenom II Mothership

Do you know someone who likes to build computers? If so check out this guide to the best AM3 motherboards available. While this gift isn’t for everyone, it will show that you have a bit more understanding than some of the other gift givers if you can figure out what they can use and help them out.

Video Card Buyer’s Guide

If you have a gamer on your list maybe you should consider getting the gift of better visuals. Upgrading a video card is a great way to enhance current games as well as open up the possibility of games that need more video memory. This guide covers the low, medium and high-end cards and who would benefit from them the most. The low-end finds its way in well under our $100 ceiling.

Computer Gifts for Sports Fans

Have a sports fan on your list? Consider some of these unique, sport team oriented accessories for their computers. You can get everything from mouse pads to laptop covers from these vendors, and they will fit in most any budget.

Best Affordable Solid State Drives

How about an internal solid state dive? The transfer rates on a solid state drive are measurably better than that of standard rotational drives. If your favourite computer user is a fan of fast, this is the drive for him.

Boost Your WiFi Range With These Great Antennas

Do you know someone who complains about losing a wireless connection just as he gets to his favorite chair in the living room? Sounds like his wireless router needs a bit of a boost? Here’s the answer: a Wi-Fi boosting antenna. With one of these boosters the range of most wireless router can be more than doubled. There are several options here with the best solution recommended at the end.

APC Back-UPS Battery System Review

A great gift idea for a computer user is the APC back-up system. This system is an environmentally friendly unit that allows users to turn off computer peripherals when they are not needed while leaving the power supply available to the computer. More importantly, when the computer is shut down the APC shuts the peripherals down automatically stopping any phantom load from peripherals that might otherwise be left on.

Top Ten Computer Speakers

Do you know someone who has a great computer but have noticed that the sound just isn’t up to par with the rest of the specs? Give the gift of awesome sound with a brand new set of external Creative Labs or Altec speakers.

Laptop Desks for Comfort and Cooling

Is one of the people on your gifting list a victim of sweaty thighs from having a laptop resting there for hours on end? Not only can this be uncomfortable for him but it could be killing his laptop battery life. Check out these laptop desks that keep both the lap and laptop cool.

The Best Flash Memory Gifts You Can Give

Is someone you know always transferring pictures and movies from one place to another? Does he need some quick transfer media storage? Flash memory is the fastest, most compact memory solution available. Here is a selection of the best (and some of the most unusual) flash memory units that exist today.

Top 10 Electronic Gadgets to Give as Gifts

Still stumped on what to get? How about a peripheral like a flip camera? These may not fit into any standard computer category but they do work as compliments to a laptop. Anyone who received one of these as a gift would probably have a huge smile and a warm fuzzy feeling inside (I know this seems like a strange thing to get from a piece of silicone and plastic but trust me, it will happen).


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