15 Great Gifts Under $30 for Computer Users

15 Great Gifts Under $30 for Computer Users
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Why do so many people have trouble shopping for computer users? It’s probably because someone who doesn’t care about computers can’t identify with the computer-junkie mindset, or perhaps you just don’t know enough about computers to tell what might be useful. These articles on Bright Hub will allay your fears and brighten your day by connecting you with some great gift ideas for the computer buffs in your life.

Computer mouse

5 Tastenmaus Microsoft IntelliMouse Optical Black

A computer mouse can make almost any computer user happy, especially since they can get nasty and need replacing. Sometimes novelty mice like one shaped like a BMW can add some spice to the mundane life behind the keys. By spending $30 or less, you can buy several gifts at once.

Funky mouse pads

Despite the prevalence of optical mice, computer users still prefer mouse pads to collect as souvenirs, make statements, or just seem retro. These funky mouse pads will give almost any computer user a thrill. Buy a couple for you while you’re having fun shopping.

Flash Drive

Computer users can’t get enough of these USB flash drives; at any moment they need one to copy files for transfer or backup. Once a luxury item, these drives play an important role in daily lives. Even better, your recipient will think of you every time they use it.

DVD Burner

Computer users can always use a spare DVD burner to make movies and backups. Whether used as a spare, replacement or upgrade, you gift can mean a lot to them. Learn more about DVD burners so you can choose the best one.

[USB wireless network adapter](/tools/USB wireless network adapter http:/www.brighthub.com/computing/hardware/articles/43393.aspx)

Once these USB beauties helped lead the wireless revolution. Their price has come down, but these handy adapters still command attention. Users can instantly connect any USB-equipped computer or internet-ready video player or television to their wireless LAN with one of these affordable gifts.

USB hub


Have you seen how some computer users have several USB ports on their computer and they still swap cables in and out? Give the gift of a USB hub to help them keep all their USB drives, adapters and lights connected at the same time. This article comes from the Bright Hub Apple file, but most of these hubs will also work on Windows and Linux PCs.

USB lights

If you ever thought that you could buy a lava lamp for a computer, than you were way ahead of your time. Don’t stop there: traffic lights, fan-message lights, plasma balls and more come conveniently equipped with a USB connector. Make that special someone smile by giving one of these. It will keep giving every day.

[Webcams](/tools/Webcam http:/www.brighthub.com/computing/hardware/articles/58818.aspx)

Web cams let users video chat, teleconference, record goofy YouTube videos and more. With so many uses for a webcam, you can’t go wrong buying one for the computer user in your life. Several choices that cost less than $30 may surprise you.

KVM Switch box

Serious computer users often have more than one computer going, so help them clear the extra keyboards, mice and displays from their desk. Sharing one set among several computers saves space, energy and sanity. Check out this Bright Hub guide to learn about some of the best KVM switches for home and office use.

Computer Headset

Without a computer headset, computer users can’t talk on Skype, connect to online meetings, use speech commands, play games and enjoy private entertainment. Open a new world for your favorite computer user by giving them a headset. You can even use it to let them know you want them to call you.

Power strips / Surge protectors


Every serious computer user comes up short when it comes time to plug everything in, so they will appreciate a gift of a power strip with surge protection. With one of these, they can keep their precious electronics protected during storms and you can protect your wallet by keeping your spending under control. You can never go wrong with the gift of power.

Screen cleaner

Computer users sneeze and cough on their displays thus making a gross splatter that some users never clean up. Take away their excuses by giving them some screen cleaner. This article comes from the Bright Hub Home Theater department, but could just as easily fit in with the computers. Scott’s Liquid Gold can clear up even the nastiest computers at a price well under thirty bucks.

Dust covers

If computer dust covers excite you, than you might try giving one as a gift. This surprising gift gives you one last chance to buy something for that special someone who already has everything. Learn about the exciting world of dust covers and then buy one to make a surprising gift.

Basic computing book

Computer users who know just enough about their objects of affection to make them dangerous need help fast. You can give the gift of knowledge in the form of a basic computing book. Choose one that costs less than $30 to stay within your budget.

Security cable

Computers have a way of vanishing. That’s why almost any computer user will recognize the practical gift of a security cable. Buy one of these for a reasonable price and give someone peace of mind. They are especially helpful to travelers.

These great gifts for computer users cost $30 or less. Make sure you bookmark this guide so you can come back to it every time you shop for a gift.